Customize your LED lighting module Stay competitive in your field with ALLIX high quality color LEDs

Customize your LED lighting module Stay competitive in your field with ALLIX high quality color LEDs

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Jeonju-Si, Jun 17, 2019 ( – ALLIX believes that each person has its own colour that suits them perfectly. Lights are no longer just the tools which light up the places. Lights have played roles from as daily necessities to enhance efficiency and to maximize the use of space too as a sensitivity booster.

High Fidelity and Full Color Gamut:

TM-30-15 is a new method for measuring colour rendition, trying to supplant CRI. It comprises three primary components:

  • Rf- a fidelity index that is similar to the commonly used CRI
  • Rg- a gamut index that provides information about saturation
  • Colour vector graphic- a graphical representation of hue and saturation relative to a reference source

There are two main differences between TM-30-15 and CRI. One is that CRI provides information about fidelity, but does not provide any information on saturation while TM-30-15 uses the Gamut Index (Rg) to describe differences in saturation. The other is that whereas CRI uses only eight colour samples to determine fidelity, the TM-30-15 uses 99 colour samples. Such an artificially high CRI value would result in a lower TM-30-15 value since TM-30-15 has 99 colour samples. After all, matching spectrum peaks to 99 colour samples is very difficult.

LED Module:

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ALLIX strives to create the highest quality and most energy-efficient products for our client’s needs. ALLIX ALM (linear) & ARM (round) LED module is an innovative module comprised of multiple arrays of small, discrete LEDs or high-power COBs on boards. The module is designed to provide not only highly uniform, intense illumination but also high-quality colour. Since ALLIX produce its own light source, it is easy to be customized for each application. With higher CRI up to 98 and with better colour consistency, in particular, ALLIX ALM & ARM LED module is recommended in colour-critical applications, such as in premium shop display stand, hotels, hospitals, or art galleries. LED Lighting Module Dealer


  • High lumen output
  • The tight colour rank of 2, 3 step MacAdam ellipses options
  • CCT 2,000K ~ 11,000K available
  • Complete colour rendering up to 98 (R990, R1290, R1390)
  • LM80, UL, RoHS approved LED used
  • Various LEDs (SMD type, COB type, Leaded type) can be used along with your lighting design


  • Architectural lighting
  • Premium residential lighting
  • Hospitality lighting
  • Jewellery shop lighting Medical Lighting
  • Cosmetic shop lighting
  • Art gallery lighting
  • Medical lighting

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