A hundredfold potential: Bitroom.io Cryptocurrency Exchange proved a dark horse, and BMT is to surge

Hong Kong, Jun 24, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The platform token is issued by exchanges and mainly relies on platforms. Compared with the project party or the community, its value is directly reflected on the platforms, and the advantages are more prominent. On the one hand, the exchange is the user and capital entrance, on the other hand, it is at the upper end of the industry chain, and its platform currency is more likely to attract eyeballs. Generally speaking, the better the trading platform develops, the more room there is for the platform currency to rise.

Bitroom.io, the world’s first membership-based cryptocurrency trading platform, its platform token BMT is issued in the form of ITO (Initial Trust Offering). The purpose of BMT is to gather the power of community to create a joint head exchange. The community shares the benefits with Bitroom.io, by this means to encourage a consensus between the project parties and the community. Bitroom.io believes that only by creating a win-win situation that greater platform value can be achieved.

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ITO innovation model to lead the platform token boom

The cryptocurrency market is in turmoil. Since Binance restarted the Launchpad, the BNB has risen all the way, and the major exchanges have followed suit, which triggered a “small bull market” boom. As a result, in addition to a variety of patterns,  as long as it is in a major market, all kinds of “great movements” are always recently initiated by mainstream currency, platform currency or stable currency.

In order to reach a consensus between the project parties and the community, Bitroom.io is known to have innovatively proposed the Initial Trust Offering (ITO) model. The ITO model is that the project party openly raises funds from the community on the blockchain. The project party separately publishes a fundraising address and a Token distribution address, all the funds raised are sent to the former, and all the Token distribution is transferred out through the latter. Fundraising is carried out on the blockchain, and each transaction and the number of positions in each address can be openly inquired. When the fundraising is over, the project party will use 80% of the funds raised to give back to the community. The return operation is also carried out on the blockchain. Each contribution record can be publicly inquired, and the project party will spend the remaining 20% of the raised funds on supporting the development of the project.

This shows that the purpose of the ITO model is to enable the project party and the community to cooperate with relevant supervision, timely information transmission, continuous negotiation, and docking so that the project is more in line with the requirements of community members to become a top project in the market. Meanwhile, a consensus among the community is reached, which is called “belief” Once the influence of this project in the market is growing, the value of Token for all members will be increasingly higher. The purpose of this innovative concept will certainly pour oil on the tepid market and lead to a burst.

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Membership to create a customized user service system

Any mature exchange follows the rule of flow. Those who can pay more attention to users, impress and own users, they can be more confident and go further. As an international renowned quasi-first-class exchange, Bitroom.io Exchange put forward the membership service, which is a thorough reflection of this concept.

In line with the purpose of serving the community, Bitroom.io upgrades the community user hierarchy to membership and through binding their interests together to achieve consensus. On the Bitroom.io platform, each and every member has an equal opportunity to participate in the investment of early quality projects. Bitroom.io will also guarantee the member’s investment income and return most of the platform’s revenue to its members. Become a member of Bitroom.io, you will enjoy the following membership benefits: priority to participate in early investment opportunities for quality projects; fixed income for early quality projects investment; platform transaction dividend; PoS and DPoS node mining returns.

Bitroom.io Exchange’s selection of projects and unique operating models will certainly create community trust and consensus, guarantee the interests of the majority of member users, achieve real transparency, and truly promote the ecological development of the industry by relying on the strength of the whole community.

Bitroom website: https://bitroom.io

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