The Artist LIL PLOT LUCK Brings a Creative Fusion of Multi-Genre Elements with his Track ‘Akira’


Get intrigued by the new mesmerising track ‘Akira’ bought forward by the evergreen artist LIL PLOT LUCK. This hypnotic composition is now available on Soundcloud.

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Cedar Park, Jun 24, 2019 ( – The genre of hip-hop relies on authenticity, and it is the realism incorporated into the lyricism of every hip-hop creation that makes it an all-time favourite genre. And contributing to this essence is realism is none other than the talented LIL PLOT LUCK with his new masterpiece ‘Akira’. This renowned artist, also known as Kelly to his fans around the world, wants to inspire others into leading better life with the hardships the people often deal with. Though the artist’s present creation is based on the genre of trap, yet he is known to possess the skills of blending various genres, with creativity that sees no match in the industry.

The newly launched track ‘Akira’ has been incorporated with diverse themes, each beautifully intertwined beautifully into an intriguing story keeping the listeners hooked to the composition throughout. The ambience of the track lays in perfect synchronisation with the mood that has been evoked by the artist LIL PLOT LUCK. Clichéd storylines have no place in the compositions of LIL PLOT LUCK which is a major factor for the artists being so popular among the hip-hop lovers of the current generation. The track has been produced Rawbone by featuring one of the best artist ZiggyInChains of all time.

Coming to the structural composition of the track ‘Akira’ it is partly organic and party instrumental in nature. The vocal of the artist LIL PLOT LUCK stands out through the composition enhances its rhythmic scales in the process. The artist offers something new and fresh in the form of ‘Akira’ to the audience and they can’t appreciate it enough. Till now this talented multi-genre artist has a composed a total of 18 tracks each of which are unique on its own. You can. Connect with LIL PLOT LUCK through his social media on Twitter and Instagram.


Akira :

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