The Ultimate Destination for Structural Glued Laminated Timber

Western Cape, Jun 26, 2019 ( – OT Joiners strive to create and offer sustainable timber products to their clients. The company works towards catering to the needs of the construction sector in Western Cape and South Africa. With a highly skilled team of designers and artisans, OT Joiners offers high-quality moulded and structural timber products.

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Services Offered by OT Joiners

Serving as a comprehensive timber destination, OT Joiners offers a vast range of timber and engineering services. These include:

  • Professional Engineering Designing services for manufacturing laminated beams as per the size and material requirements.
  • Manufacturing of varied kinds of beams, table-tops and shelving.
  • Logistics solution including the delivery of manufactured material internationally and nationally.
  • Shrink wrapping of timber products for protection, display and transport.
  • Sanding and moulding of products as per the specifications of the client.
  • Consultancy and project management services for architects, developers, engineers etc.
  • Installation services by professional and skilled contractors.

Products Offered by OT Joiners

OT Joiners boast of a timber product line, like few others. The company has a long line of finger jointing press and moulders, enabling it to produce various products like laminated columns, beams, cover strips, skirtings, fascia, fencing and much more. OT Joiners has also perfected the bending or curving procedure of laminated beams. The three main product categories offered by them include:

1. Laminated Pine Beams – OT Joiners produces laminated beams in curved and straight shapes and a wide variety of appearances and wood species, to satisfy the needs of their clients. These are produced by laminating together various small pieces of lumber. Used widely as columns of beams, the rigid, strong and stable beam offers various advantages over concrete or structural steel.

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2. Curved Laminated Beams – Curved beams are manufactured by OT Joiners in both Pine and Saligna. These are custom produced as per the exact requirements of the project. The company follows an innovative way of manufacturing the curved beams, allowing them to produce them at a tempo equivalent to straight beams. These are produced in varying thicknesses up to 140mm.

3. OT Laminated Beams – OT Joiners manufactures grade 8 laminated pine beams using the best-quality Southern Cape Radiata Pine. To achieve the best possible visual appearance, these are manufactured using formaldehyde – a clear glue. To produce these superior quality beams, high-quality timber is shaped and machined; followed by glueing. Apart from the standard thickness and width options, they can be produced according to specific requirements too.

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About the Company

OT Joiners was established in Cape Town in 2012 to offer quality timber products to Western Cape Town’s construction industry. The company offers a wide range of timber products and related services. The company adheres to the SABS standards for manufacturing all its products.

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