FIT Lab at Functionised Integrative Therapeutics is the Future of Health and Fitness and Now Open

CAROL is is the worlds first AI Fitness Bike achieving in just two 20 seconds sprints what it takes 45 minutes to do while jogging

The Most Effective, Efficient and Proven Method of Fitness and Weight Loss

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Monmouth County, Jun 30, 2019 ( – The time has finally arrived to stop stressing over your health and fitness. Functionised Integrative Therapeutics is officially opened.

We all have seen the infomercials that are touting the newest pill, potion or powder or workout video craze such as Beach Body or Insanity. They work but in today’s society, who has the time and who truly sticks with it day after day and week after week? 

It’s been found that even 70% of individuals who join a gym or health club stop going within the first 60 days leaving them lighter in the wallets but more unhappy with themselves overall. It’s become a vicious cycle. 

The ability to be successful with your fitness and health is now truly possible. New Jersey born Jim Goetz has created a system and been implementing it with individuals now in Colts Neck, NJ at the health and wellness practice, Functionised Integrative Therapeutics. 

It has been long thought one had to spend countless hours in the gym training hard and dieting and starving one’s self to lose weight. In theory that sounds like it may work. In reality, the time and effort this takes are not sustainable and that is if you even had a realistic and sound plan, to begin with.

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Jim Goetz has an extensive background in exercise science. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for the University of South Florida Football team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Toronto Blue Jays and worked with numerous other professional and Olympic athletes improving their athletic ability. Goetz has passed the national chiropractic board exams, written Biohacking the Brain for Success and is working on his new book, Diets Don’t Work…It’s a Lifestyle and hosts the Functionised Podcast that is released each week on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio and any Android podcast player. Jim Goetz played baseball for the now 8 time National Champion Univeristy of Tampa Spartans, competes in Spartan Races, Bone Frog, and USA Powerlifting. Jim has taken this knowledge of the human body and practical application and applied it to efficiency, meaning to achieve maximal results with the least amount of effort.

The FIT Lab, as it is called, is a state of the art fitness facility located within the health care facilities at Functionised Integrative Therapeutics. With effectiveness and efficiency in mind, Goetz utilizes equipment such as the FIT 3D Body Scanner, whole body vibration training, lipolaser, CAR.O.L., and ARX. Each piece of equipment is designed to assist the client to hold less body fat, increase metabolism, increase strength, improve VO2 Max (your body’s ability to utilize oxygen) and improve cognitive function. The equipment used is heavily backed by research and quantifiable. Each individuals results are recorded and tracked week by week by Goetz to ensure you are making the proper strides and achieving the most out of your short sessions.

Conventional wisdom says you need to spend hours a week exercising to see results. Science says otherwise and Functionised appears to have the data to prove it.

Aside from the FIT Lab, Functionised Integrative Therapeutics also offers peak performance and wellness coaching and incorporates technology such as biofeedback to help individuals reach new levels of achievement. This is directed by Chantea Goetz who holds a masters degree in Sport Psychology, currently earning her PhD in applied psychophysiology and competes as a figure competitor with the NPC.

Functionised also offers sports chiropractic and functional neurology, which is overseen by Dr. Michael Brandon as well as functional and metabolic nutrition where they will utilize blood tests and other lab work to ensure your diet is designed specifically to you and not cookie cutter, which is overseen by Dr. Dan Cardellichio.

It appears the future of health, wellness and fitness are here today and the word is, “Functionised”.

Chantea Goetz PhDs MS utilizes biofeedback tecnhology as a Peak Performance CoachLipolaser SessionJim Goetz CSCS and International Soccer Superstar Samuel Inkoom after an ARX SessionJim Goetz CSCS in front of the FIT Lab

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