Lyrical Outspokenness with Thematic Progressions in J-Shaydz’s New Song ‘Molly Water’ is Notorious


Creative authenticity with a distinct lyrical flow along the entirely of upcoming artist J-Shaydz’s newly released song ‘Molly Water’ is a beautiful upbeat array.

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Milwaukee, Jul 1, 2019 ( – The cultural and lyrical extravaganza in the spectrum of hip-hop always had a way into the hearts of audiences due to its straightforward path towards redemption. Utilizing this musical significance in the backdrop of contemporary socio-cultural crisis across states is upcoming hip-hop artist J-Shaydz and his journey towards a global breakthrough with his gradient of incredible songs. His newly released track ‘Molly Water‘ in collaboration with fellow musician Mellow97 is a lyrical celebration that puts perspectives into linearity and puts forward a thought that addresses the various discrepant aspects of the social structure that goes on making mistakes. The plight and implications of such a structure that are come together in a concise format in ‘Molly Water‘ is truly a standout.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, J-Shaydz is an independent artist on a journey to make his voice heard through the dynamics of hip-hop. As he sings along the distorted rhythmic growth of his songs like ‘You’, ‘Ride or Die’, ’60 Days’, and ‘Living Wage’, he not only puts his expressionist stances into a tuneful progression but also presents to the world an alluring variation of hauntingly beautiful lyrical honesty. There is no trace of uncertainty with J-Shaydz‘s impeccable workflow that makes him one of the most rapidly acknowledged and appreciated newcomer in the scene.

With ‘Molly Water‘, J-Shaydz‘s prominence of individualism reflects all the more profusely without the complexities of artistic pride. As he continues to spread his words of wisdom, his leap into the global movement of music is not very far. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram to be a part of this lyrical notoriety like never before.

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