Bahamas Female Hiphop Artist Iris Stryx Offers Entertaining Tracks Loaded With Fascinating Melody

Iris Stryx  Mom

Iris Stryx is engaging loads of listeners to her excellent musicality. The melody and rhythm-verse combination are worth praising and it’s leaving amazing impact!

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Miami, Jul 3, 2019 ( – Iris Stryx relentless creativity, unapologetic bluntness and sincere storytelling are inspiring and express her realness. Her songs present a sense of consciousness and simultaneously a ray of light that listeners can feel drawn to when times get tough. She has a very creative expression and shows her true colors in a much broader way- heartfelt and warm presentation of stunning songwriting. As pop songs go, the tracks dig right into the heart and give a warm positive vibe. Leading with a flawless vocal, the cover rides tall on the brightness of its soulful melodic delivery. It’s thrilling to experience her music as she prefers infusing different styles of beats with island instruments. Tracks like ‘ Mom ‘, ‘get like me’, and ‘Money works’ etc are receiving good response.

A musician always strives for the best, because that’s what makes the difference. In all her new refreshing tracks, the Bahamas female hiphop artist Iris Stryx discusses the issues which she faces in person and as an artist. She grew up in the United States and her songs embody the spirit of hip-hop and pop music. The song sees Iris Stryx perform with genuine emotion and drives with high energy and an infectious aura that offers consistent uplifting and hopeful ideas. Whatever the mood, there’s something inherently good-hearted about her work.

Being a fantastic songwriter, impossible to predict and clearly with a desire to express and paint something brand new in the mind of the listener, Iris Stryx composes her tracks under the label Waterbear Music. Her latest track ‘Have a good time’ showcases her stunning vocal delivery, which works smoothly to give the story-line a certain weight and authority. Her songs fascinatingly appeal to the masses, reflecting her passion for music in every turn. To get more updates you can check out Soundcloud and other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram.

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