Venom Motors launches a completely new series of E-bikes

Ontario, Jul 5, 2019 ( – E-bikes have been existence from a very long time but during the initial phase of its introduction in the market, most of the people were either not aware of them or didn’t use them at all. But with the growing concern for the environment, easy maintenance and pocket-friendly option, e-bikes became a new normal for most of the people. Nowadays, you can find different types of e-bikes being used by vehicle enthusiast as along with the common advantages of easy transportation and fun, E-bikes don’t burn a hole in your pocket and require very less maintenance.

With the growing demand for e-bikes all around the world, vehicle manufacturers started making e-bikes equipped with the latest technology and because it is environment-friendly, it didn’t take much time to grow in the market. Venom Motorsports is one of the most popular and admired manufacturers of e-bikes in Canada and during the launch event of the new e-bikes. It has a wide range of e-bikes available on their user-friendly website and most of these e-bikes are well-equipped with the latest machine and features.

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During the launch event of the new series of E-bikes, the CEO of Venom Motorbikes said ‘E-bikes have now become a new normal for most of the people. Spotting an e-bike on the road is not tough as along with being light on the pocket of consumers, it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. We are looking forward to streamlining the e-bike industry for consumers through our innovative and unique approach’

Following are the 3 new e-bikes in the pocket bike and dirt bike category launched by Venom Motorbikes and now e-bikes for sale are available at their website.


1.500W Electric dirt bike moto cross 24V

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This amazing electric dirt bike starts with just a turn of a key as there is no need of pull start. The top speed of this highly advanced electric dirt bike is 16 MPH and it comes with a brushless electric motor.  In order to charge it fully, you need to plug it in for at least 4 hours and the best part about this dirt bike is that it comes with adjustable speed feature which allows you to keep the speed as low as 4 MPH.

2. Venom 1000W 48V Electric super pocket bike

This is one of the best electric super pocket bikes in the market which comes with leather padded seats, kickstand and half twist throttle for safety. The motor power of this bike is 48 Volt 1000 Watt and top speed is 25 MPH. It is normally recommended for the 16+ age group as it is a bit bigger than the regular pocket bikes and has enormous power.

3. Venom 500 Watts Electric mini pocket bike 36 volt

This is the third edition by Venom Motorbikes in its new series of e-bikes. There are 3 batteries of 12 Volt each in this bike and a top speed of this amazing electric mini pocket bike is 36 Volt 500 Watt. It comes in a steel frame and has handlebars with angle adjustment feature.

About Venom Motorsports

Venom Motorsports is one of the most renowned manufacturers of pocket bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, quad and other different types of vehicles. They are well-known among consumers for their innovative approach and bringing in new ideas in their vehicles. They offer free shipping all over Canada and they have a wide range of vehicles on their website.

If you are looking forward to finding the best deal for e-bikes then Venom Motorbikes should be your first choice without any second thoughts. Email at [email protected] or call at 1-855-984-1612 EXT 1 in order to place your order and know more about the products.



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