REMember shapes a New Pop Music era with Soulful Voice in their latest track ‘Brand New’

Music Artist  REMember

REMember a famous pop band is shaping the world of pop in a whole new way by breaking boundaries with their vocal charm and outstanding performance in ‘Brand New’

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Chino Hills, Jul 6, 2019 ( – As years are rolling by many bands are taking the music world by storm and set up a whole new course around their style of sound. One such magnificently talented pop band is REMember who have creatively mastered the strategies of creating music and popularizing the same to the masses. Their tracks feature a healthy dash of funk and soul, throbbing beats contained with a rhythmic pulse. The feel and the tempo go in some unexpected curves that become sweeter with every passing hook. Their attention to detail speaks for itself through a commanding raft of changes as it progresses steadily. The voice sounds great all together with an additional rhythmic soundscape that adds color in just the right measure. The songs are just so soothing that there’s always a desire to keep playing it on loop.

Music artists may have learned all the lessons but it’s not that easy to establish your name in the ever-growing list of music stars. Music has always been the driving passion for REMember which emerged victorious in this field with their crowd loving music with recognized face all over. REMember is a very popular band from the United States whose tracks have lyrics and melody perfectly combined with an intrinsic sentiment of love and evokes stimuli towards it.

Brand New‘ is their latest track under the label REM Productions that has a consistent enjoyable quality and is sure to be the next great pop band of all time. The crowd is sure to appreciate and turn up the volume, escaping into a world of pure trance. Their new compilation ‘Brand New‘ is gathering impressive results where they toy with pop, funk, and pop music which is streaming on Soundcloud and you can also check out their originals on YouTube and surrender to a blissful musical journey.

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