Blaze Bar$ x Chef Shirley Offers a Chaotically Colorful Anthem Cut Ties Through an Energetic Video

Blaze Bars

Blaze Bar$ x Chef Shirley has taken a creative approach with their latest music video release ‘Cut Ties’ which ignites the passion of dance music in the listener.

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Gainesville, Jul 10, 2019 ( – The dynamic duo Blaze Bar$ x Chef Shirley have worked well together to create a music video that shows the strength and vibrancy of the music as a dance floor smash for the peak of the night. Consistent with the rap-influenced presentation that has characterized the duo’s output in an impactful track. The pulse and the contemporary sound with capturing vocals neatly draw your focus on the lyrical hooks. The energetic relationship of the duo adds to the trippy production values that give an extraordinary turn to the song. The lyrics in the song fully complement the video that entertains the viewers throughout keeping them engrossed in the music video. The rap verses with thick dub-step style beats and a structure that sees the various genres of hip-hop emerge beautifully. The lyrics are sure to lift you, energize the room and showcase a deeply creative track.

There latest release ‘Cut Ties‘ is a thrilling music video that brings something of a hip-hop vibe to the focus, with a storyline that redirects the experience. The vocal has more of a punk-hop tone and the style is unbeatable. The song’s subject matter is thoughtful that feels like a simply designed anthem to entertain. All of these attributes in unison to give the music video a rock smash melody that outpours a rhythmically effective melody. The video sees some striking performances that are connected to the words and keeps the high energy alive well throughout. They’re likely to win you over with their spectacular tracks. The chorus syncs in perfectly as if this is what the track needed to pull off a perfectly structured music video that you can lose yourself into.

Coming from the United States, this skillful duo has showcased immense talent in their compositions. This music video is a grand choice for any day of the week, whenever you need a little lift. The lyrics again are quickly captivating with immense rap work and a thrilling melody line. The track has a creatively striking finish. The artist made up brilliant set up, incredible instrumental performances and a fine vocal delivery which sum up to one of their most quickly engaging and enjoyable tracks. Follow them on YouTube for more updates of their upcoming music videos.

Blaze Bar$ x Chef Shirley- Cut Ties

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