Energy level in popular EDM artist Veeno’s track ‘Nothing’ is appealing

Music Artist  Veeno

Make a change in your room ambiance by turning on Veeno’s track ‘Nothing’. Each and every element in the track keeps the listeners engaged from the start till end.

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Houston, Jul 9, 2019 ( – Veeno is one of the most popular artists, producer, and songwriter and DJ artists in the music industry. His tracks are produced under the production house of Wine inc. he is highly inspired by his parents for composing music.  He has received huge success in the music industry with his two most popular EP’s. In 2019 on 28th June he has dropped his first song ‘Nothing‘ from the EP “The Bifröst”. This track states the story of his current happening in his life. His also tries to inspire those people who feel low as they are bullied by the others. The energy level in his track is high and that keeps the listeners engrossed. Professionalism and creativity in the track are clearly highlighted.

The music in Veeno‘s track ‘Nothing’ from his “The Bifröst” EP fills the room and surrounds the listeners in a wonderful way. The track is unique and interesting which is highlighted clearly. The track is finely produced and creates a great impact on the listeners. The track has meandering melodies and there are decidedly experimental layers. The track has heavy energy and there is notably melody in it.

The dance vibe in Veeno‘s track ‘Nothing’ from his “The Bifröst” EP fills the listener’s mind with energy. The track connects with the listeners in a genuine way. The beat in the track is uplifting and the finishing is colorful. To listen to his songs you need to tune to the music streaming site Spotify. For updates about his music and event follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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