IAmBruceBakerMusic’s ‘I Am Your Healer’ is Christian Purity in a Musical and Lyrical Extravaganza

I Am Your Healer by IAMBruceBakerMusic

Christian gospel musician IAmBruceBakerMusic’s release ‘I Am Your Healer’ justifies human existential divinity and musical excellence through its lyrical formats.

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Tampa, Jul 9, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Music is not constricted to a particular standardization or degree by which its creative excellence can be judged. Working alongside the virtuous expressions of Christian and gospel music is artist IAmBruceBakerMusic and his divinity in his soundscape, exemplified beautifully with his new release ‘I Am Your Healer‘. His spontaneity and care-free demeanor make the audience resonate to his songs all the more readily as the sense of belongingness through his take on Christian Rock and Roll encapsulate the souls of his fans. ‘I Am Your Healer‘ is a mighty tribute to God’s unperturbed blessing on his life and the way he was able to conquer the cruelties of harsh reality just to emerge victorious at the end of the day.

Florida music artist and producer Bruce Baker who goes by his stage name IAmBruceBakerMusic has had his musical journey imbibed in him since the tender age of 12 with ‘People Do It Everyday’. His personal struggles with drug addiction, eating disorders and the cancerous journey of his parents have all been taken care of by the healing power of the Almighty. Even when he hit rock bottom, his unadulterated faith made all his problems succumb to its enormity and paved the way for a healthy, successful future. After 12 years as an important part of the ministry, he finally accumulated his creative flairs and got ready to extend his healing hands to the mass through his musical enrapture.

Working along with the production houses Global Filmz and Clear Track Production, ‘I Am Your Healer‘ has rapidly climbed the charts of Christian Rock and Roll with its contemporary edginess. A pastor with a creative heart of gold, IAmBruceBakerMusic has imbibed his influences as a musician through the works of Switch Foot. As he continues to create musical entrepreneurship in the days to come, his humility is getting all the love in the world. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to cleanse your aura right away.

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