Jeffery Leving Rescues Boy from Dangerous Conditions, Reunites Him with Dad

Chicago, Jul 10, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he reunited a Chicago dad with his little boy after the mother absconded with the child to live in squalid and dangerous conditions, on the Dads Rights Legal Hour, Saturday, July 13th on Power 92.3 FM at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

Dad was always very involved in his son’s life. He provided a stable, safe, and loving home for his two-year-old son since his birth. Dad and his son lived in a single-family home with extended family members, including the child’s paternal grandparents and an uncle. This warm and loving home was the only home the little boy had ever known.

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According to Court records, one day, out of the blue, the mother absconded with the little boy to live in squalid and dangerous conditions in a small, dilapidated and over-crowded trailer.  

The occupants of the trailer, according to court records, included the mother’s brother, mother and boyfriend, who dad believed had a criminal record. In the room where the little boy slept, the ceiling had caved in and was never repaired, and the walls were covered in mould. The trailer had no central heat or air conditioning. In the winter, the pipes froze, and there was no running water for drinking, cooking or even showering. The trailer was only heated by a propane tank sitting in the middle of the trailer that the little boy had to walk by to get to the room where he slept.  While the mother was at work, dad feared that his little boy was being left with the mother’s boyfriend.

This situation was made even worse by the fact that the mother would not allow dad any contact with his little boy.  Desperate, dad sought help from Dads Rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving, and he got it. 

Leving quickly put together his legal team, led by attorneys Maureen A. Gorman and Anthony S. D’Agostino, with investigative assistance from Detective Wayne Halick, to reunite dad with his little boy. The Leving Legal Team immediately filed an Emergency Petition to reunite dad and son and to provide dad with custody of his son.

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Leving went to court and argued before the Judge that dad’s little boy must be removed from the squalid living conditions he was in, and reunited with dad. Leving won.

The Judge then ordered that dad and son be reunited immediately and that dad be given custody of the little boy. Without Leving’s intervention, this little boy would have grown up without his father. Now, with dad back in his life, the little boy is beginning to thrive and has a bright future ahead of him.

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