Musicality in Aspiring Rap Artist SLiCE Bellefantè’s Tracks Creates a Dream-Like Ambiance

SLiCE Bellefant

Rap star SLiCE Bellefantè is setting a new bar in the music world with his compositions. His tracks have outstanding rap verses and flow of music throughout.

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Monmouth County, Jul 10, 2019 ( – SLiCE Bellefantè is one of the eminent hip-hop and rap star in the music industry. His performance has the essence which keeps the listeners attracted. You will find all the necessary ingredients of hip hop and rap music in his track that too in perfect balance. His events in his life are a big inspiration for him in composing music. Presently he is working on two projects garden State Massacre 3 and SG (SLiCE Gretzky 2). His tracks are produced under the production house Garden State Empire. He is 27 years old artist from New Jersey makes music which comes out simple today. His tracks have the touches of 90s hip-hop beats.

SLiCE Bellefantè‘s song ‘The Excellence Of Execution‘ hooks is melodically and rhythmically creative. The music in the track is attractive which makes it stand out among all. The track has uplifting beats and soundscape. The instrumental work in the track is interesting and keeps the listeners engrossed. The good vibes in the whole track fill the room completely. The room is filled with a brilliant level of energy.  The short-lines and rhythm in the track are well crafted. He has a large number of fan followers on his social sites. To get more updates about his upcoming events to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

SLiCE Bellefantè‘s track ‘The Real Is Backshines’ is incredibly uplifting and refreshing to experience. The lyrics, the concept and the performance in the track drive the listeners crazy. The vocal work and melodies in the track keep the things moving. There is a colorful and energizing finish of the track. The track has a captivating and addictive instrumental presentation. The intensity in the track keeps on rising as the track progresses. Some of his tracks that may like to listen to ‘Pull Up‘, ‘Mind, Body & Soul‘, ‘Manifest‘ and many others.  


The Excellence Of Execution : 

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The Excellence Of Execution

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