Prakash Bhosale’s Book on “Business Idea “Published by Hands of Renowned hotelier Vitthal Kamat.

Mumbai, Jul 8, 2019 ( – Prakash Bhosale is a renowned author and advisor on Entrepreneurship, he has composed numerous segments on exceptionally inventive business thoughts to motivate youth. He has composed 3 books on Business, Entrepreneurship where he has secured several business thoughts, independent venture the executive’s strategies which will be helpful for little and new company proprietors.

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Author Prakash Bhosale has also covered, how Jews became so successful in business & being only 0.2% population of the world, how they control practically 70% worth economy on the planet. They are the proprietors of practically all top brands like Google, Facebook, What’s app, Star, Microsoft, IBM, Warner Brothers, City Bank, New York Times, and so forth. Why do they claim 40% Nobel cost? Why their IQ is 140?. He has also studied History of  Shivaji Maharaj and composed numerous sections on his administration aptitudes, Gorilla war procedures,  Philosophy & management thoughts from Chanakya philosophy for SME & START-UP, numerous parts secured for jobless youth who keeps running behind the employment and he attempted to clarify the significance of enterprise by different business stories in his book. His enlightening articles for guardians like ‘education till 12th is only Parents Responsibility’, ‘Leave the Galli & Village to get success in life’, ‘How African natives has got in poverty & what precaution we should take’, ‘Instead of going to college go to incubation’, ‘How youth are dialing the wrong number’, ‘Change yourself, otherwise you will be Nokia’, ‘Those who hold balance, will earn money – who holds sword, will become poor’, ’44 reasons why your community is poor?’, ‘Story of diamond & glass’, and so on. Such 40 parts have been secured numerous issues for youth, START-UPs, business visionaries, SME and who are eager to be monetarily educated and turned into an effective representative. His book has been checked on and increased in value by Maharashtra Times of Times Group.

He consistently composes a segment on business and enterprise with driving Marathi paper ‘SANDHYANAND’ by AajkaAnand Papers Ltd, a media house has more than 40 Years in the Publishing Industry. He likewise composes for some different papers and online journals. He has composed 1300 articles on business, SME, enterprise, training, child rearing so far and he has more than 20 lac readership crosswise over print and online media.

His book has been publishing by the hands of Mr.Vitthal Kamat at Vileparle Mumbai. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat is an Indian hotelier and earthy person who is Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Kamat Hotels Group Limited. Kamat got in excess of 110 national and global honors that incorporates ‘Best CEO of Industry Award’ by The Indian Express, ‘Brilliant Peacock Award’ got from the Dalai Lama, ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ 2012 in Germany, Green Hotelier Award 2010,[13] Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award 2010, Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2010 by Ola Ullsten.

While book publishing ceremony Vitthal Kamat valued the works of Prakash Bhosale and his commitment to saved mindfulness about business enterprise among the youths.

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