Surreal Rap Track ‘hey NOW (?)’ by Trending Rap Artist ZariyahSkylark is Worth Listening


Listen to the new wave hip hop & rap track ‘hey NOW (?)’ by ZariyahSkylark in SoundCloud. This swagger artist is proving his versatility with each of his singles.

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New York City, Jul 10, 2019 ( – It is almost impossible to attain commercial success with just the first release of an album. Especially, when an aspiring artist has no godfather and is independent, grabbing the limelight in the mainstream can be time taking. Unbothered about the competition, SoundCloud this season is witnessing organic traffic in the music gallery of ZariyahSkylark, a young and enthusiastic artist who has recently dropped a single ‘hey NOW (?)‘ from his upcoming album.

He is not just a rapper and skilled in various other genres. It is music that matters to him and with this novel approach he in the gala to spread love, positivity, and energy with his amazing new singles. Unlike other artists he is not running after commercial success yet fame is automatically following him and the reason is his unique masterpieces. If you are hearing ZariyahSkylark fort the first time, listen to his debut track ‘KEYSER SOZE‘ now streaming on SoundCloud.

ZariyahSkylark is from the land of hip hop and rap music, i.e., the United States and has been versed with the changing trends that eventually took place in the music arena. His alternative rap track ‘KOTOAMATSUKAMI‘ reveals his innovative approach and how eager he is to bring the change.  Also, he deals with a lot of trending topics and ‘Really Netflix?’ is one great example. This track playfully narrates how the youths are getting influenced by the interactive movies that are streamed on Netflix.

Above all what needs attention is his new release ‘hey NOW (?)‘. In this album, fans can come across his excellent narration style and also the subtle playfulness that will keep his listeners hooked in his music gallery. ZariyahSkylark is building a good relationship with his fans and followers through his Instagram , Facebook  and Twitter .


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Check out to listen this song ‘hey NOW ( ? )’ by ZariyahSkylark :

hey NOW

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