The Amanti Morti Project: What and why


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Melbourne, Jul 8, 2019 ( – Well, Triptekt Productions is no stranger to weird occultist propaganda. 

Prevent Break is mental awareness and well let’s say his surrealism and Avant-Garde undead cowboy scenario is seen in “The awakening and Morale Dismount” is no stranger.

The Amanti Morti Project sounds like an edged 90s flick but the aesthetics are very how can I say well surreal. Not much is said and known by Jarrod.

scrying and Pagan symbols are no stranger as well. So this is probably one big occultist aided fan fix.

But Jarrods writing is far more not so much deep ad dark but has his twists Jarrods inspirations are Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King.

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Unfortunately, Jarrod can’t cast Peter Sellers but I’m sure. Whatever he is working on. Will be in recognised like everything else.

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