Famous India Travels Launches Economic Deals for Budget Travelers

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Famous India Travels designs new and economic package deals to various hot destinations in India.

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New Delhi, Jul 11, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Those who have travelled to India extensively would say that it’s a feeling that stays on with them. India is a land of diversity, and it is an adventure soaking up so many different cultures and vibes and colours, all packed inside a country. The northern states are as different from each other as they are from the southern ones. So, one can never fully explore India and gauge its diversity without having travelled extensively. For those passionate travellers who do not stop before they have felt, smelled and tasted all of India, Famous India Travels present a large variety of holiday tour Packages options. Famous India Travels is a New Delhi based travel and tourism company that is a sister concern of the bigger entity PRC Tourism Limited.

Famous India Travels specializes in travel packages to destinations inside India. Being born out of a company that dedicatedly caters to clients all over India and outside, Famous India Travels keeps its standards pretty high. With the objective to make travelling easy and affordable for its clients, the company designs economical and luxurious packages to places across India. Famous India Travels brings deluxe and economic together in its packages that feature a great many options for fair prices. The Top Travel Packages is where the bestselling and most economic packages are to be found. These sometimes include the deals of the day.

Some examples of great deals offered at Famous India Travels are Rajasthan Tour for $670 per person for a 16 days trip. In another package, the company offers a tour through the Golden Triangle, Khajuraho and Varanasi for only $625 a person. The tour lasts 9 days. An even cheaper and shorter tour of the Golden Triangle costs only $292 per person. It continues for 6 nights and 7 days. Then there are bigger packages like the North India and South India Tours. These packages include a great many places. These tours are also further categorized into a pilgrimage tour, spiritual tour, outdoor adventure tour, food tour, culture tour, and the likes.

The Punjab-Kashmir-Ladakh tour is one of the most selling packages in North India tours. This is a 14-day package where all travellers are flown from Delhi to Chandigarh which is the starting point of the trip. Itineraries are circulated among the travellers at the start of the tour so that every day gets an idea of what places would be covered and which route would be followed and such details. Similarly, the south India tours are divided into multiple packages, depending on the destinations. There are exclusive packages for Kerala and Orissa whereas there is another which covers a large part of the whole Southern side. The latter lasts 15 days and 14 nights while others are shorter and can be customized to fit the schedule of the travellers.

Breakfasts are served to guests, along with a bottle of mineral water every day. Some rides and travel expenses are covered within the packages while some are not. All brochures contain precise details of the package concerned.

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