Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd Refurbishes Its Inventory with New Products

Pune, Jul 11, 2019 ( – The manufacture and supply of machineries used in testing facilities in India are conducted by a league of elite-class companies that lead the market in this niche. They have huge manufactories in different parts of the state, and a well-connected supply chain that reaches its products to near and far markets inside the borders of the country. Finepac Structures is a name that fits the label of industry bigwig in the business of columns. The company based in Bhosari, Maharashtra is 9001:2008 ISO certified, and a highly trusted provider in the state of Maharashtra and outside.

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One of the country’s finest tower packing manufacturers, Finepac caters to a wide range of industries. Its machineries are bought and used in large number of factories across horizontals. Based on the clients it keeps, Finepac Structures caters to industries like petrochemicals, agrochemicals, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas industries, drug and dye intermediates, pesticides and fertilizers, aromatic and essential oils, bulk drugs, alcohols and drug intermediates. Although that’s a good number of industries for one company to cater, proprietor S.N. Wakchaure aims to go beyond the current count, making its products available and applicable in industries outside the mentioned ones.

Like most top-level structured packing suppliers, Finepac has clients all over India and outside. Most of its clients are big banners in their own industries. As of today, the company has sold distillation columns to industry leaders like Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Alfa Laval, Ranbaxy, Nectar Life, Chemanol, GTC Technology Korea Co. Ltd., M/S Ferrum AG Switzerland and Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. Outside these, the company also supplies local testing facilities that operate domestically and sometimes even locally.

In addition to liquid coalesce and such equipment, the company also has a range of services that it offers to clients inside and outside of the country. Licensed software, mass transfer technology, separation technology, processes, process design and engineering and field services are among them. All products sold at Finepac are available at its website Shipping is quick and processing is surprisingly fast for all orders. All products are given a quality assurance, having built in its own facility. All items come with a certain guarantee coverage during which term a buyer is entitled to free repair and servicing.

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