Lil Fibo has Embarked Upon a New Track ‘WhEn I’m GoNe [ReMiX]’ to Showcase his Thoughts on Life

Lil Fibo

Lil Fibo, a rapper and singer, combines rap and hip-hop in ‘WhEn I’m GoNe [ReMiX]’ to create an impressive sound that takes the listener to a higher plane.

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Monroe Township, Jul 11, 2019 ( – Lil Fibo‘s music has a healing force as he sings with a magnetic calm and creates an atmosphere that seems to be illusionary. He is a creative artist who mixes vocal techniques- completely different from one another to give shape to his vision. It’s like a piece of traditional music from the dreams. The music is capable of touching the core of any being with its significant and powerful lyrics. A very special kind of trance encapsulates you as soon as the music touches your ear lobes. He consistently rewards his audience with blissful tracks that are driven by emotions and some remarkable vocal arrangements.

His tracks showcase the importance of living in the moment rather than getting trapped in future notions. Lil Fibo expresses undeniable facts of life in a soothing and genuinely immersive soundscape that sync-up perfectly with our journeys. The emotion is intertwined with strong vocals that make us appreciate the way life is. The persistent pluck of guitar strings adds a layer of tenderness to the songs and makes the lyrics hard-hitting. His expressive songwriting and the fine, professional finish of the whole thing does the magic.

His latest piece ‘WhEn I’m GoNe [ReMiX] (feat. Christian O’Hare)‘ is an equally effective track that emphasizes on the fact that what a joy it is to live in the present. That’s a method to the delicacy that rains down as the song kicks in. The softness of the notes and the implied intimacy leads you in a deeply thoughtful path. The music flows with simplicity provoking a certain level of thinking that makes you rethink the direction of your journey. It’s a short track but with much effective lyrical value perfectly balanced with emotions that surround you with a smoothly drawn quietness. Listen to his tracks on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.


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WhEn Im GoNe ReMiX feat Christian OHare

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