Studies Found Inhaling Nicotine Has No Long-Term Effect on The Body

Torrance, Jul 11, 2019 ( – Vaping has come out as one of the most popular alternatives of smoking in recent time. However, few people used to still put the argument against the vaping the disposable pod device. The reason is the association with the nicotine.

However, recent researches confirmed that there has been no significant effect found of inhaling nicotine after long term use. Recently STIG has organized a discussion on it to aware people about the good thing about vaping and how it can help in quit smoking.

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A senior manager of STIG quoting the research result mentioned that vaping has significantly helped a numerous number of people in quit smoking. Additionally, it has created awareness against smoking worldwide.

The research showed that during vaping there is are no combustion that will release any kind of carcinogenic byproducts. However, one of the participants has asked that the research has been conducted on the rat but not on a human. To reply to the question, a doctor presented in the discussion pointed out that most of the researches are done on rats first. Once the research is successful on the rats, the test is conducted on human.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are generally used in manufacturing cosmetics. Therefore, these are considered as safe even when used in the disposable pod device. The only issues are related to nicotine.

However, over here one has to understand that in vaping nothing burns so, nicotine inhale doesn’t affect the human body as it does in smoking. During smoking, one use to smoke.

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To the end of the discussion, one of the senior managers of STIG mentioned that they are continuously working on giving the customers a safe and healthy vaping experience. Therefore, he urged the users to continue with the STIG and to make aware smoker the benefits of vaping over the smoking.

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