Ephraim Washington aka Somebody Rockin Shows Unmatched Skill in his Latest Track ‘Different Strokes’

Different Strokes by Ephraim Washington

Famous artist Somebody Rockin aka Ephraim Washington creates a groovy track ‘Different Strokes (Music Audio)’ which beautifully showcases his rap presentation.

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Columbia, Jul 12, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Ephraim Washington popularly known as Somebody Rockin is a polished singer whose tracks are lead by breathtaking vocals and are embedded with beautiful lyrics throughout. This creates an immense level of interest and becomes memorable instantly that you will be able to sing along. It creates a fun and energized experience that is beautifully sung and captured. The rhythmic beats keep up with the mood of the song and his vocal claims to grab the audience’s attention effortlessly.  The throw of his words is confident but relaxed that showcases how tremendously talented he is.

The adding backdrops behind the solo vocal work in a charismatic way to deliver a fantastic soundscape. Somebody Rockin‘s songs begin with a typically strong and beautiful arrangement that adds an extra dimension to the authenticity and atmosphere it conveys. A collection of upbeat records, fast-paced tempo, and fascinating vocal is what paves the way for his truly entrancing tracks. He is a versatile singer from Columbia whose musical journey is the inspiration for all those budding artists who want to create a space of their own in this turbulent sea of musicality. The vibrancy and clarity with which he delivers the rap speak volumes as it progresses impressively leaving the audience breathless with excitement.

His latest track ‘Different Strokes (Music Audio)‘ is an easy hit and the music offers everything that is needed to uplift your mood. His raspy leading voice sees to take things to a whole new level and you can’t help but groove to its rhythmic beats. The song’s simple arrangement and hard-hitting lyrics made it more palatable accompanied by its trademark musicality that dramatically hooks to the listener’s mind creating a uniquely interesting and enjoyable atmosphere. Listen to his popular and warm soundscapes on Soundcloud and you can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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