Lines in Maryland Rapper CAL 301’s EP ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE’ is Terrific

CAL 301

The level of music in CAL 301’s EP ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE’ drives the listeners crazy. The vocal performance in the track satisfies the listeners in every way.

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Annapolis, Jul 12, 2019 ( – CAL 301 is rocking the music industry with excellent performance. He is an 18 years old rapper from the USA whose music has brought a great change in the music world. His ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE’ have the touches of classical and contemporary rap music. The musical backdrop in the track is heavy and intense. The energy and vibe in his voice in the track fits really well. The hook in CAL 301‘s track ‘The Preview Interlude’ from the EP ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE’ is memorable and unforgettable. The voice in each section of the track drives the melody and the concept effectively. The structure of the whole track leaves it marks on the listeners after listening to it once. The intensity and energy in the track keep on rising as the track progresses. The track falls away in the hook section in an effective way.

CAL 301‘s track ’12 PM In Regatta Bay’ from the EP ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE‘ is finely produced and there is the presence of confident as well as intriguing sound. The track has a highly effective musical backdrop that keeps the listeners attracted. Each verse in the track is different from one another thus doesn’t make the audience feel monotonous. The track rack has perfect rhythm and the vocal performance in the track is attention-grabbing.

The soundscape in Maryland rapper CAL 301‘s track ‘On My Mind’ from the EP ‘CAL: THE MIXTAPE’ is perfectly built and filled with emotions. The intensity in the track is heavy and the music is perfectly built. The underlying energy in the track will grab your attention completely. The track is unique, refreshing, hardcore, memorable and stylish. There are genuine passion and purity in the voice. Listen to some of his other tracks from this EP ‘Zero%’, ‘Cold Blooded’, and ‘Genesis II’. Start following him on Twitter and Instagram for updates.   

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