Listen to ‘Litty Again Freestyle’ by the Rising New York Rapper TheRealChrisValentine

Litty Again Freestyle by TheRealChrisValentine

The witty new single ‘Litty Again Freestyle’ by the trending New York rapper TheRealChrisValentine is spreading energy in the music arena. Enjoy it on SoundCloud.

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Staten Island, Jul 12, 2019 ( – Not all rappers who are iconic figures today belong from a very smooth background. Rather most of them have been through a lot of hurdles, discrimination, negligence, and hatred before they became public figures. It is therefore why the rap verses narrated by the rappers convey stories about their past lives and how they have struggled to reach their destiny. Similar is the case of the upcoming New York rapper TheRealChrisValentine. He too has been through a petrified past however it is his passion for rapping that helped him o stay focus. After years of struggles, this excellent artist has dropped some excellent artworks on SoundCloud amongst which ‘Litty Again Freestyle‘ seems to be going viral on the gala.

TheRealChrisValentine is a native of the hip hop and rap music hub. He deals with a lot of things in his music pieces. He can rightly be called as a conscious rapper that he proves with his single ‘WAY BACK HOME’ that he composed during the Presidential Election 2016 in the States. He has also touched subjects like loyalty and Bandwagons in the track ‘R2D’ and about love and Valentine’s Day in ‘Freak Ish’.

Fans must give special attention to ‘Litty Again Freestyle‘ not only because this track has some great music, cutthroat lyrical verses but because it gives a closer view of the struggles of rapper TheRealChrisValentine. This freestyle track has some chilling bars that perfectly match with the theme. This track is perfect for listening during Halloween parties or just when your mind, body, and soul want to feel something energizing. TheRealChrisValentine is proactive in different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow him to know what’s next. For collaborations and witnessing his live shows DM on Instagram. Others keep tuning to his back to back masterpieces exclusively in SoundCloud platform.

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