Ballout Boy’s New Release ‘Run Dat Shit’ is Contemporary Hip-hop Strains in a Mix of Groovy Beats

Ballout Boy

Rapper Ballout Boy’s new song ‘Run Dat Shit’ is an example of the neo-wave resurgence of musical, lyrical, and rhythmic appropriation in a beautiful transcendence.

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Harrisburg, Jul 12, 2019 ( – With time molding itself into the template of things with an identity of its own, hip-hop too, as a genre has surfaced in the sea of musical existence and given itself the stability to call itself a stand-out style of pronouncement. Taking forward the lineage of hip-hop’s unparalleled boldness is upcoming artist Ballout Boy and his stream of equally impactful musical themes and a rhythmic mellifluousness to take the audience off its feet. His newly released single ‘Run Dat Shit‘ is a distortion in harmony with the spontaneity in both its lyrical and groovy textures coming together in a boisterous mix of a musical upheaval. As Ballout Boy sings without any artistic inhibitions in ‘Run Dat Shit‘, his growth as a creator only becomes more and more profusely visible.

Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Ballout Boy‘s musical entourage is a beautiful association between his ardor for lyrical conception that weaves itself in perfect chemistry with his bigger than life rhythmic patterns. The end result is something that not only makes him stand out as an icon in the spectrum of hip-hop’s street styling but also as an important propagator of the mainstream formulation of the genre. His continuity in making rap and hip-hop the voice of the present socio-cultural state of being is beautifully portrayed in his other songs including ‘Party Girl’ and ‘My Phone Jumpin’ among others.

Currently working under the label name Tdg, Ballout Boy‘s rise to the top is just on the verge of attaining fulfillment. With a fanbase always ready to cheer his musical guts along the entirety of his career, he is more than just lucky. As he continues to present to the world more and more significant lines of musical expressions through the linearity of rap and hip-hop, his global reception is also on its way to find its glory. Follow his work on Soundcloud and Twitter to be a part of this unrestricted creativity of music and more like never before.


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