Rokda TV Networks Provides Connected TV Channels for Small to Large Businesses and Organizations

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Marketing as You Know It has Changed with OTT Programming. Rock the TV with Rokda TV Networks

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Austin, Jul 12, 2019 ( – Rokda TV Networks Provides Connected TV Channels for Small to Large Businesses and Organizations

More and more people are becoming what has become known as cord cutters, those people that are leaving their cable company behind and choosing to turn to online streaming services for their home entertainment. This is especially true for Millennials. Up to now, the business has been slow to react to this change in customer behavior, often spending billions of dollars advertising in short 30 second bursts on traditional television and missing millions of viewers in the On Demand Connected TV platform.

Rokda TV serves companies of all sizes in competing in the Television Marketing arena. Every day, more and more viewers are turning away from traditional television and joining the over 100 million viewers already on these platforms. This is the golden opportunity for a business to fully showcase their brand to the world at a fraction of the cost of legacy advertising methods.

David Rangel, the owner of Rokda TV Networks, states the breakthrough in OTT marketing is in starting your own Connected TV channel on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. Time restrictions of traditional TV are not an issue in an On Demand schedule, and this benefits the business with having the ability to provide clients with an unlimited amount of entertaining video content relating to the products and services the business offers.

A business with its own Connected TV Network will not be hijacked by ads promoting other businesses, and the cost of online media can be a fraction of what would be spent on traditional commercials.

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The high cost of advertising on television can make it restrictive for most businesses. Rokda TV Networks can provide On Demand TV channels and Live Streaming of events or specials, all while your customers enjoy being entertained. The Connected TV Network benefits from allowing viewers to enjoy the replay while maintaining a very affordable rate for a business’s small and large. We focus on developing and maintaining Connected TV programs that are informative and add value to the viewing audience. “This is a Sole-proprietor Operation, partnering with a really great team of programmers who help to keep everything running smoothly, enabling us to make personalized service a top priority for each individual business client.”



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