Paris Jackson teams up with Julian Rouas Paris to release her first fragrance

Paris Jackson   Beverly Hills Gold

La Nuit by Julian Rouas Paris

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Las Vegas, Jul 16, 2019 ( – Beverly Hills Collection Paris designer Franck Rouas has announced the company will soon release two new fragrances. The first one, you may have already heard about called Forever Marilyn Perfume is a tribute to the legacy of Marilyn Monroe. The second is called Aficionado Perfume, JRP Brands is currently negotiating with Paul Padda to be the star of the commercial and the spoke model for the project.

This local Las Vegas company is behind some of the finest fragrances. Franck ROUAS, founded Julian Rouas Paris {JRP} in 2004 and debuted L.A. City, Beverly Hills GoldVersailles perfume & cologne.

Versailles has a subtly sweet vanilla base note, we take pride in utilizing the purest essential oils, with each ingredient carefully selected by hand. The production of the scent is supervised by a member of the JRP team to maximize quality control. Versailles sold more than 300,000 bottles in just its first year.

In October of 2012, Mr Rouas rented a booth at the Fantastik Indoor Swap Meet located in Las Vegas, NV. According to a French news article fractured in The Nice Matin, two children approached Rouas asking for a pen so they could get an autograph from Janet Jackson. Rouas noticed a commotion filling the room when he saw Janet Jackson with her late father Joeseph W. Jackson. Without hesitation, Rouas gave instructions to deliver the scent & subsequently gave each child a bottle of Versailles and of course… a pen!

Later in the evening one of the bodyguards for the Jackson Family approached the booth stating “The Jacksons would like to speak with you immediately”. Rouas followed the man through a hallway to a backroom, spoke with the family and released The Jackson Family Tribute Collection by December 2012.

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The JRP team works every day to maintain quality, and excellence at the lowest cost to the environment! With locations in Las Vegas, France, and Italy… Julian Rouas Paris Brands is here to stay! For retail customers, visit our website for pricing & availability. For wholesale inquiries, please contact us using one of the methods provided at the bottom of this article. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @bhfpgroup OR on Facebook @jrpbrands!


– L.A. City Perfume & Cologne

– Versailles

– The Jackson Family Collection
    – Jackson Legacy
    – Jackson Tribute
    – Jackson Legend
    – Thriller Paris Jackson Perfume (COMING SOON)

– Swing Perfume du Golf
    – Sequoia
    – Glamour
    – Silver
    – Private Collection
    – Private Collection GOLD
    – Version 1
    Each fragrance comes packaged in a miniature golf bag made with vegan leather with some unique, yet useful characteristics. For example, slide the glass bottle out of the miniature golf bag & note the protective case. The miniature golf bag will now hold up to three golf balls AND two golf tees OR pencils, cigars & make-up! Check out their website to find the right colour for you!

– Sharon by Sharon Stone

– Beverly Hills Gold 
    – A sweet mixture of Sunflowers & Butterscotch with twenty-four-carat gold shavings
– Jet Set

– Forever Marylin Perfume (COMING SOON)

– Aficionado Perfume (COMING SOON)

– Mayweather Perfume

– Rouas designed the glass bottle for the original Davidoff Fragrance

Special Thanks;

Julian F. ROUAS: Worldwide CEO, Designer & Founder;

Fabrice OBLINGER: Worldwide CEO/COO/CFO, President & Co-Founder;

Marie Therese COUET-LANNES: Worldwide COO/CCO/CFO & Honorific Co-Founder;

Charlene CALLAHAN: Partner, Ambassadrice, Fashion & Special Event Manager;

Earlena HILL: US Financial Secretary;

AND the rest of the JRP team!

JetSet Perfume Julian Rouas  The Jackson Family at the release of The Jackson Family Tribute Collection in Las Vegas 2012Julian Rouas  The Jackson Family at the release of The Jackson Family Tribute Collection in Las Vegas 2012Spoke Model for Forever Marilyn Perfume

Media Contact

Julian Rouas Fashion Designer & Founder of Juli n RouasParis

[email protected]


4262 Kinobe Drive

Source :Julian Elmeshali Brands

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