Shake your Legs and Show your Moves on the Amazingly Crafted EDM Track ‘Elevator music’ by Cinematic


Intense layers of EDM beats in the track ‘Elevator music’ by Cinematics, creating the perfect mood to start your weekend. It’s an easy choice to turn up loud and enjoy.

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South Holland, Jul 17, 2019 ( – ‘Elevator music’ by Cinematic is composed by Robert and the voice is given by Connor Mills. It is considered one of the best party songs at this moment. The artists in this track dexterously unite the strength of EDM by means of a clear understanding of effective sound-design. It is the sort of dance track you would hear at a party or a festival, that would bring together one and all in a moment of absolute bliss. The track is finely crafted with an attentive gathering of musical elements and an absolutely winning overall outcome.

‘Elevator music‘ is clearly the work of an artist with a genuine love for the genre. The artist believes that emotions cannot be expressed only with the help of beats and patterns, but it also requires something more wonderful, creative, special and unique. He got the idea of this track while traveling and listening to a radio station, playing EDM music. That’s when he decided to create a powerful track that would make people around the world go crazy and created ‘Elevator music’ with the blend of different genres such as Trip hop, Techno, EDM, Ambient and Classical and added a British voiceover to it.

‘Elevator music’ is the work of an exceptionally talented musician and creator, with an ear for great electronic musicality, and a general passion for music in all of its form. The track is absolutely worth losing and enjoying yourself.  It will definitely warm things up ready for parties and festivals. The artist makes a name for himself within a few seconds as the track kicks into gear.

The aptly titled ‘Elevator music’ takes the listeners on a ride through musical experimentation and positive energy. You can always tune in to SoundCloud to listen to the artist’s amazing tracks and enjoy the musical journey.


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