Two Young Rappers of Libros are Creating a Buzz with their New Groovy Tracks


If you want to kick start your day with a bright and uplifting mood, then you must listen to the tracks ‘Thrive’ and ‘Clap’ by the two young rappers of Libros.

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Sturgis, Jul 17, 2019 ( – The two young rappers of Libros deliver their best work in their tracks ‘Thrive’ and ‘Clap’. Libros with their brilliant musical work is here to make you groove on their beats.  The hip hop beats, the well-written lyrics, and the mesmerizing vocals have made these tracks chartbusters. The cool flow and magnetic energy of the songs will give you the perfect boost to your mood. The hip hop style musicality fills the room and that unique vocal sound make certain you’ll recognize it the next time around. The track ‘Thrive‘ is not hard-hitting, it’s fairly calming – despite the mild aggression of the lyrics throughout, the track hits with subtle impact. The track is filled with light and colorful beats and has a rhythmic hook that attracts the listeners. The track offers mellow and soothing rhythms.

The track ‘Clap‘ on the other hand is a fusion of high energy, multi-layered beats, and a quickly confident subject matter and performance. This track gives out high energy and strong vibes in a wonderful manner. The amazing kind of fulfilling attitude will keep you hooked. The intelligence of musical creativity is quite magnificent. From start to end the song is filled with well-built and charismatic beats.

The two young rappers of Libros have shown their amazing talent in the tracks ‘Thrive’ and ‘Clap’. Not too often people get to enjoy hip hop tracks that kick in with quite this level of attitude. The energetic vibes and complementing lyrics will be on repeat for quite some time now. The tracks are entertaining and soothing at the same time. Their immense talent has turned their listeners into their fans. You can also listen to their tracks on SoundCloud and chill out to the catchy tracks. For the latest updates about them, you can follow them on Facebook


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