The Hardcore Rap Stories by Fatboy AkA Gordo will Hook Listeners to his Music Gallery

Fatboy AkA Gordo

Feel the increasing energy in the exclusive hip hop and rap tracks by Boston-raised rapper Fatboy AkA Gordo on SoundCloud. He is creating a buzz on the gala.

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New York City, Jul 17, 2019 ( – Jeffrey Sanon well-known as Fatboy AkA Gordo in the music world is probably the next new hip hop and rap sensation. He may be at the peak of success today, but his encouraging past and his dedication to music have despite endless challenges will inspire listeners to tune to all of his compositions. It is really very inspiring how Fatboy AkA Gordo has built his career and if you want to witness a true music experience log on to SoundCloud and listen n to his tracks.

At a very young age, Boston-raised rapper Fatboy developed his flair for rapping and singing. With time he also nurtured his song-writing skills and also performed at life stages. This amazing rap genius made his debut in SoundCloud with the single ‘Wicked Freestyle‘, a track that proves his mastery on the art form. He also released some of the other tracks like ‘Capeesh‘, a trap track and ‘All In The Trap‘ that received appreciation from the global hip hop and rap music lovers.

Fatboy AkA Gordo acknowledges the support of DJ Big Kap, an influential personality in the hip hop industry who supported him a lot to form his initial fan base. By then, Fatboy was moderately famous and since he never looked back. Today, this next-generation hip hop star has some of the chart toppers in his music gallery. Be it his exceptional rapping skills, his majestic voice quality or his music sense, each of the tracks in Fatboy’s SoundCloud gallery is what is called hip hop bangers. Recently the tracks that are going viral on the gala are ‘Against The Odds‘, ‘Not Friendly‘ and his hot new single ‘Plug‘ in which  Fatboy has teamed up with other rappers and artists. To know more about Fatboy follow him on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Have a look at his official page at


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