Meet Kidgoten, Tulsa’s Newest Up-And-Coming Rapper With Universal Promise


Tulsa, Jul 20, 2019 ( – While dutifully standing in front of a branded step-and-repeat to conduct a meet-and-greet session, it becomes evident that Kidgoten prefers simplicity.

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His ensemble for the night includes a blue Russel hoodie s and whit and black sports shorts. Each laugh reveals veneers, too.

Hailing from Tulsa, OK, Kidgoten, 16, began rapping full-time just a little of a year ago. He released a consistent string of songs, Even an EP in his first 6 months of rapping with a mindset that teetered between naïveté and confidence.

“I knew I had a story to tell, and I knew I was a pretty smooth dude if do say so myself,” he boasted.

His semi-aggressive swagger on songs like “Fiji” and “Glockey” has netted him a growing fanbase. His Instagram account boasts over 20.2K followers, accompanied by a monthly Spotify listenership of 2,342.

Kidgoten admits building his buzz was a long, arduous process. Early in his career, he resorted to implementing guerrilla marketing tactics – hanging posters, passing out flyers, and slapping stickers on any open real estate in Tulsa. He says drivers, passengers and pedestrians were liable to see at least one of his assets taped onto the light poles at any given red light.

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“It’s like a talented person playing for an NBA team in a small city,” he said, describing the difficulty of his come up. “The people in the city, they’ve never seen it before, so they’re not as quick to latch on and support it. In Tulsa, I really had to kick down doors.”

To do that he had to make a hefty, and risky, investment. 1 year into rapping, he opted to sell his first car at 16 in order to buy promotional materials.

“I always said I’d get it back ten-fold, and it happened,” he said.

In January, it was announced that Kidgoten signed with Bentley Records. Since then, he has focused on building his own imprint Entertainment, and uplifting himself

“I ain’t stopping,” he said. “[Where I am] is definitely what some would say is successful. I’m not satisfied at all right now. I’m beyond grateful, and I’m well aware that I’m blessed and highly favored, but I’m not satisfied at all.”

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‘Do Not Diss’

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