Coinchase membership officially launched Causing a 30% pump in CCH price

Singapore, Aug 2, 2019 ( – Launched by Coinchase, a global crowdfunding platform for cryptocurrency, the “High Interest on Members’CCH Savings” campaign landed strongly on July 31th, Singapore time. The service aims to encourage users to actively participate in the development and transactions of the platform, strengthen its user loyalty, and enhance community consensus.

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Coinchase is reported to introduce exclusive membership benefits on its platform, users need to lock part of the CCH to become a Coinchase member. In addition to the Launchpad participation rights, eligible members could also enjoy higher individual cap and greater profit space, as well as a significant increase in the annual rate of the “interests on token saving” up to 84%.

Once the activity went online, it has won a great many overseas users, flexible deposit ways, exclusive benefits, current earnings, timely interest payment and other highlights for members have attracted a wide range of community users to participate in. As a result, CCH price also pump as much as 30%, the volume of transactions surged and the market activity significantly increased. Early investors in CCH have now made handsome profits. Behind the doubling of value, it could hardly do without a well-ordered platform operation.

Judging from the external environment, the cryptocurrency market has gradually turned bearish since the beginning of 2018. Under such a circumstance, the market’s money-making effect is weakening. As for the users, membership system is a relatively good profit model in bear market. By promoting community consensus and profit-sharing, attracting more high-quality users to become members, so as to work in joint efforts to build a stronger community.

The activity about “saving” is another large-scale operation of the Coinchase platform, this innovative membership model upholds the concept of win-win, through resource integration and profit-sharing, it unites all the CCH supporters to facilitate the ecological development of the Coinchase platform.


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