The Maine Hip Hop Artist Koda has Dished Out the Most Scintillating Song in ‘Free Fall’

Free Fall by KODA

If you want to groove to the latest hip hop number, listen to ‘Free Fall’ by Koda. The Maine hip hop artist engaged the listeners to some soft funky stuff.

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Topsham, Aug 2, 2019 ( – Koda, the singer of the song ‘Free Fall’ hails from the small city called Topsham Maine who has dished out some impeccable numbers in the genre of hip hop. The Maine hiphop artist is the new upcoming sensation and if you want to get in touch with him, you could connect to facebook and listen to him on Soundcloud. As the name suggests, Koda is also the name of his production house. He made quite a statement by acknowledging that his music is very much part of reality and it is quite heavy in nature and has an element of soul to it. He believes that he belongs to a very small town and the only passion he did have from an early age was music.

Koda in his new rendition ‘Free Fall’ has displayed his skill in hip hop which is very much today’s song. At the offset of the song, the soundscape of the track shone brilliantly along with artistry in music. There is a conglomeration of waves in the song which is found in layers making the song crisper and craftily carried out. The soft funky nature instills in confidence to the impressive flow of the song that attributes to the warmth in the rhythm for it.

In the song ‘Free Fall‘, the hip hop sensation Koda has displayed his brilliant artistry in the genre he is most comfortable. The vocal melody whispers in such a way that it creates an aura of seductiveness which comes as an welcome breathe of fresh air. Like all other songs of love, in the most coolest way possible timelessness has ushered in from all corners of the soundscape and the vocal is equally gorgeous. There is an emphatic bounce to the song which creates enchantment for those listening.

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