Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc Announces Partnership with the New York African Restaurant

New York City, Aug 5, 2019 ( – Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc Announces Partnership with the New York African Restaurant Week 

Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc is thrilled to announce that it is now the fiscal sponsor of New York African Restaurant Week (“NYARW”) 2019.  Siren has agreed to serve as a conduit for all contributions, donations and grants and to provide administrative services and oversight to fundraising efforts.

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The New York African Restaurant Week takes place between October 4 and ends October 20th, 2019. It is the only citywide food festival that celebrates the best in African cuisine and culture. NYARW 2019 will be a landmark citywide urban festival event. It will feature over 20 events and memorable gastronomical experiences. A mega-food festival event, cooking classes/parties, chef-hosted dinners and events and various experiences that showcase the intersection of food, art, culture, entrepreneurship, and social impact. 

The New York African Restaurant Week festival focuses on a culture that can keep on growing, a sustainable, co-evolutionary culture that can learn from its experience and adapt and create in harmony with its circumstances. Since it was launched in 2013, it has grown to over 25 participating restaurants in all five boroughs offering discounted prix-fixe traditional African and African inspired menus. Siren’s partnership will enable the New York African Restaurant Week to create a humanities component that will enhance the experience of participants and serve as the ideal way to bridge gaps and teach others about a new culture in a welcoming environment. 

The AGREEMENT of PARTNERSHIP will also include a collaboration to implement, monitor and evaluate the “Let’s Cook Africa” events as part of the NYC African Restaurant Week which is a festival that markets African Restaurants and promotes African chefs businesses. Siren will also recruit humanities experts that will enhance the “Let’s Cook Africa” portion of the African Restaurant Week and serve as partners in the delivery of “Let’s Cook Africa” edition of the African Restaurant Week.

Africa is a land of variety. The continent offers tourists and its citizens, ample opportunities to create amazingly tasty recipes from its abundant supply of unique foodstuffs and ingredients. There are quite a lot of African food recipes across the continent that are as diverse in their making as the different cultures in Africa. But African dishes are still woefully under-represented on the world culinary scene.

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African Restaurant Week emerges from the culture of taste and seeks to expose both Africans in the Diaspora and those curious about exotic foods to the intricacies of African cuisine. They are introduced to a menu of famous signature dishes which are carefully chosen to represent the best of African Cuisine. African cuisine is as amazing and fascinating as the continent’s histories, cultures, and traditions. With a fusion of tastes and flavors, as well as some of the unique foods in the world, the continent is an absolute foodie heaven. 

The new partnership will allow Siren to continue its ARISE – African History, Past to Present Series that focuses on African history through hands-on arts immersion. Their main goal behind each event is to change the narrative and to enrich the lives of people by presenting Africa in a way that they have never experienced. The four main components of each event are discussion, music, arts and food – exploring the different nations via hearing, taste and visuals. 

People can be involved in these events no matter their skill level in the kitchen. Cooking together will help participants know the presented African countries without the humdrum of listening to a lecture. The preparation process prompts questions that share the character of cultural traditions, talk about experiences, and create memories. During this particular series, participants will be preparing foods from the five regions of Africa.  Tickets go on sale August 20th on

African Restaurant Week is a movement, creating cultural dialogues that develop more understanding and bridge the social polarities of a diverse society like New York. In human societies there will always be differences of views and interests. But the reality today is that everyone is interdependent and has to co-exist on the planet. Therefore, the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue. The promotion of a culture of dialogue and non-violence for the future of mankind is thus an important task of the international community.

Siren is committed to the community, the environment and the earth. The New York African Restaurant Week is excited to be working with such an acclaimed organization. It will surely help raise the quality and opportunities for the upcoming project. The partnership starts 7/30 and ends 10/20.

About Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc

Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc is a traditional and contemporary dance group that tours the world. The organization is dedicated to preserving culture through music, dance, arts, and history. Most importantly, it is dedicated towards preserving the rainforests not only for today’s world but for generations to come. 

At Siren, their goal is to use dance as a tool to not only entertain but to educate and elevate. They respect the historic and artistic traditions that were passed down to them; build upon the culture and share it with the world through live performances. They also use dance and music as a platform to educate people about the benefits of reducing, recycling, and reusing.

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