ICRISIS App is the Candid App for your Personal Safety

ICRISIS: Panic Button Emergency Help Safety App, designed to help you in time of crisis by alerting Emergency rescuers and reliable friends and family. Available on goggle play store.

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San Francisco, Aug 7, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The ICRISIS App is clear proof of the important role of technology in improving overall personal safety. The help safety app allows you to alert the authorities and selected contacts of your location with just a single tap. It is aimed at helping individuals who are in dangerous security and health situations and are unable to communicate verbally.

ICRISIS features an excellent triggering mechanism to cope with different emergency situations with its panic button function. When the alert signal is triggered, it automatically gets to work sending text messages with exact locations of the user to the various emergency contacts saved on the app.

Whether you are caught up in an impending natural disaster or a fire outbreak, you run into an accident or got involved in one. Whether you come across a situation requiring a doctor or you need one for yourself. Whether you find yourself in a high-security risk environment or encounter a robbery or life-threatening attack, the ICRISIS app is your first line of defense in distress moment as it leaves you assured that your recipients and proper authorities have been alerted.

The ICRISIS app remarkably features and instant alert messaging system to listed contacts with your physical location and an emergency alarm tone. It allows easy setup with its secure user-friendly interface and usable in several countries.

ICRISIS is available on google play store on all android and IOS devices. For more information and download visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.icrisisapplication

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The ICRISIS App is a personal safety app developed by experienced app developers and safety specialists to alert nearby authorities and selected contacts of the user giving them the exact location of the user in case of emergencies.

ICRISIS App has proven its reliability in personal safety through its numerous happy users and an over 1000+ downloads on google play store.

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