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SYC’19 Speaker is Traveling the Nation with an Important Message.

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Los Angeles, Aug 8, 2019 ( – Justin T Hall “The Grindpreneur”, is an entrepreneur who over the last 10 years has created and failed at several start-up businesses. 

As per Justin, fortunately, failure is not permanent nor fatal.  The beauty of failure is it gives you the opportunity to begin again, this time with a better plan!

He has used his great successes and failures in entrepreneurship to go on to coach and motivate thousands of others. 

As an author and speaker, he now travels the country with his “What Do You Want To Do” Motivational Workshop helping individuals from all walks of life decide just what it is they want to do in order to live a Passion-Driven Life. 

As a result of his groundbreaking presence, and his Earth-Shattering, Life-Changing topics, The Grindprenuer is getting booked Nationwide as audiences gear up for the wealth of knowledge Justin will exude. 

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Justin T. Hall will speak at the Atlanta Leadership Bootcamp, Monday, August 12th, 2019, as well as the Divine Healing & Restoration Conference, Montgomery, AL Saturday, October 19th 

Atlanta GA, – August 12, 2019- (Justin T. Hall will present “What Do You Want to Do” at the 2019 Atlanta Leadership Bootcamp and convention is sponsored by The Power of One. The theme is “#LevelUp your business skills”

Attendees will include the Nations top emerging Speakers, CEO’s and Leaders, leading suppliers of products and services for the industry.

They will gather at this annual education conference to attend critical educational workshops, motivational keynote presentations, and networking events to learn about the latest technologies, trends, and strategies relevant to Entrepreneurship. CEO of Leadership and Professional Speaking. 

More information about the conference can be found by clicking this link Power of One Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

What will you experience from Justin?

Content created from his most anticipated work, “What Do You Want to Do” will e shared, he strategically extracted chapters from his book, you will hear:

  • What Do You Want To Do: It’s the easiest hard question, you ever have to ask yourself,
  • Its Starts Today! No Time Like The Present,
  • If You’re Scared Go To Church,
  • You Already Have The Tools(Trust Me)… and so much more

Justin is prepared to challenge your mindset and assist you to re-engineer your thought process related to business and your craft.

Justin contends that he will deliver what you need when you need it–no doubt about that!

He invites you to the following, be sure to follow him on Social Media:

Podcast – The Grindcast (released this August):

In this monthly Podcast, Justin will interview Entrepreneurs in all stages of success.  These interviews are geared to be not only insightful but to also Motivate and give real-world practical knowledge on processes and tool used to launch their businesses. 

The Grindpreneur Vlog (released this August):

Justin’s’ weekly vlog will follow his daily routines to tackle new goals and obstacles as while building his career as an Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. 

Justin’s Upcoming Books:

What Do You Want To Do!

The Daily Grind- 365 days of Motivation, Tips, and Strategies


365 Day Motivational(eBook)

The Startup guide(eBook)

Your Next Book is Your Business Card(eBook)

The Business of Fashion(eBook)

Lastly, in order to be a boss, you have to dress like one, Justin has his own Clothing Line:

Brawlic Fitness – his line will intrigue even the most bespoke in mind clothier looking for a relaxed, yet fashionable look.

Keep a lookout for this professional wordsmith, he will change your life, one word at a time. 

Make sure you check him out in October as well, (details and reminders will be released as the day approaches) Saturday, October 19th – Divine Healing and Restoration Conference, Montgomery, AL. 

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