Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat – Self-heal – Self-realize – August 2019

Ashburn, Aug 8, 2019 ( – Divine Heart Center conducted a 3 day Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat in Divine Heart Retreat Center located in Ashburn, VA from 2nd to 4th August. 

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On 2nd August, there was a Satsang in the evening which was open to those interested in pursuing spiritual growth and understanding in Divine Heart Center’s Reiki Raja Yoga practice. Satsang is a Sanskrit word which translates to “being with the truth”. Shailesh Kumar, the guru and founder of Divine Heart Center, enlightened the crowd with multiple topics on spiritual laws such as energies, chakras, minimizing the amount of “applications” running in our heads, and Reiki and Raja Yoga powers. An engaging questions and answers session resulted, where seekers were able to ask questions and discuss with Shailesh about their spiritual goals. During Satsang Shailesh Kumar made the attendees experience silence, an experience that no words can do justice and has to be experienced by oneself. 

There is a direct correlation between one’s life and their physical and aura body. The accumulation of one’s karma gets stored in energy centers in their bodies called chakras. Reiki being the loving and soothing power of unconditional love and Raja Yoga is the meditation practice that lasers through karma. The combination of these ancient techniques burns the negative karma in one’s chakras, resulting in an improvement in the quality of one’s life and a balance in health, wealth, wisdom, love, relationships, peace, and joy.

During the retreat, Grandmaster Shailesh Kumar led new and existing initiates in the divine techniques of Reiki and Raja Yoga, which empower self-healing and self-realization. The new initiates were revealed the practices and how to incorporate them into their daily busy lifestyle. These techniques will allow them to dissolve their past, present, and future karma, creating happiness within themselves and worldwide. Attendees stated that they loved the meditation session in nature, where they experienced inner peace and joy. The group meditated and practiced the teachings and techniques, returning to the world recharged with high spiritual energies.

Announcements for upcoming retreats:

  • December 23rd, 2019 – January 1st, 2020: International Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat in India.
  • May 1st – 3rd, 2020 – DHC Boston Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat in Sudbury, MA, USA.
  • August end or Early September 2020 – International Himalayan Spiritual Trek, Kailash Yatra (Stay tuned for date information)  


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