Banbouk Music seems mostly fine with a fan getting his name tattooed on her body

A joke or a Birthday gift !!

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Dubai, Aug 10, 2019 ( – Banbouk Music seems mostly fine with a fan getting his name tattooed on her body

Back in February, Banbouk  super-fan *****, told Reynolds if he liked her post, she would get his name tattooed on her body, First name and last name !!!

And Surprisingly she did and he posted it on instagram saying ” Early birthday gift ” 

Tattoo Fun Facts

  • In the US, more women than men have tattoos.
  • However, women are more likely to get their tattoos removed.
  • A public defender named Travis Williams tattoos the name of every defendant whose case he loses in court on his back.
  • The longest tattoo session was 50 hours and 10 minutes. Ouch.
  • Johnny Depp has a matching tattoo with Damien Echols, an innocent man who spent 18 years on death row.
  • While getting a tattoo, your skin is pierced between 50 to 3,000 times a minute.
  • The majority of tattoo ink is made from metal salts instead of dye.
  • Until the 1970s, “nice girls” had to have marriage licenses and bring their husbands to get a tattoo.
  • The two most tattooed objects are angels and hearts.
  • There’s a US charity called Clean Slate Org that offers discounted tattoo removal for former gang members.
  • Americans spend around $1.65 billion on tattoos every year.
  • US sailors used to get tattoos as a means to prove their citizenship, so they wouldn’t be forced to join the Royal Navy.
  • Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist sued Warner Bros. after Hangover 2 used his trademarked face tattoo.
  • The most tattoos given in a 24-hour period came out to be a whopping 577, by artist Robbie Koch.

Source :24 News

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