Sean Collishaw, Patrick Birmingham and Kristian Comer’s short film the Test is an underrated delight

Kevin Vislocky and Emma Kathryn

Chestnut Ridge, Aug 11, 2019 ( – The Test by award-winning independent filmmakers Sean Collishaw, Patrick Birmingham, and Kristian Comer of New York is sitting pretty on amazon in the US, UK, Germany, and most recently available in Japan. It’s the first film by Patrick and Sean as directors and second by Kristian. 

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The Test follows a father, mother, and daughter living in a corrupt and broken society. It shows how far a father would go for the love of his family. 

The Test stars the phenomenal talents of Kevin Vislocky, Kristian Comer, Emma Kathryn, Ayiesha Alizai Sadik, Jessica Jones, Caryl Melnick, Hyunju Yang, Nicole Rigo, Joe Stern, Carlo Darcelin, Jared J. Dawkins, Grace Benedetto, Erin May, and Amber May. It features the dazzling talents of Andrew H. Rosenbloom, Abby Sara Dahan, Jessie Yarrow, Terence Philpotts, Bonnie Timm, Laura Rothschild, James Jackson, Fatim Kayti, George Fear. And the extraordinarily talented crew of Eyiad Bidewy, Bill Drummer, Michael Emmer, Michael Higins, Peter Simpson, Irynn Grace Somera, and Masako Birmingham.

Kristian Comer Kevin Vislocky Carlo Darcelin Joe Stern and Jared J DawkinsCaryl Melnick and Hyunju YangKristian Comer Kevin Vislocky and Emma KathrynEmma Kathryn Kristian Comer Ayiesha Alizai Sadik Jessica Jones and Carlo Darcelin

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