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Anton Hale

Coeur d’Alene, Aug 12, 2019 ( – Anton R. Hale who is a Father, Businessman and a Public Figure was accused of criminal activity when operating his property design business in the year of 2015. Hale’s business entailed hardscape design, waterfalls, walkways and custom projects. Hale has worked with many creditable companies and homeowners. Hale has completed multiples projects with success. Hale’s initiative was to satisfy the vision that his customers had in mind for their properties. These projects lead to the development of his storage facility on Government Way in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Aside from Hale’s Property Design Business, he is an accomplished Graphic Designer, Artist and Advertising Specialist in the Business Community as well as the entertainment industry. His work continues to deliver positive performance and results for many individuals and businesses locally and internationally. 

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Once Anton Hale’s new storage facility was in operation, Hale engaged in more projects after receiving monies from customers to begin, during this time Hale had also been working toward achieving custody of his child. Hale endured pressure from homeowners to complete the work he had engaged in, some being nearly complete while others were in the beginning stages. Hale stated he had to endure a number of unforeseen circumstances leading to the delay of his progress on the customers’ properties. Some of the delays entailed road closures on Government Way which blocked the entrance to Hale’s storage facility which prevented large trucks access to deliver rocks and supplies along with a sudden loss of family members requiring long-distance travel and the process of pursuing child custody. Hale found himself to be overwhelmed with these many trials and tribulations during this time period, these situations delayed the progress of his work, but Hale did his best to stay in contact with his clients regarding updates.

Anton Hale was successful in achieving custody of his child but In the Summer of 2016, he was arrested for child support. During his incarceration, a detective pulled Hale aside to question his business operations and dealings.  Hale complied to her questions regarding his business. After Hale provided detailed information about the projects for his clients, the detective informed him not to contact his clients in any way whatsoever or he would be arrested. Hale was informed he was being investigated for Grand Theft.  Hale’s intent was to complete these projects for his clients and denied any form of criminal intent.

Anton Hale went on to even more setbacks, shortly after being released from Kootenai County Jail a warrant was issued for Hale’s arrest. Hale contacted friends and family as well as using social media to share his circumstance and seek advice as Hale had never experienced criminal charges prior to these events.  Many Members of the Community that were familiar with Hale’s work and character assisted him with advice, direction and contributed to his defence.  

Anton Hale then hired Walsh Law Group to represent him in his defence. Hale provided a paper trail of evidence which included invoices, contracts, material receipts, photos and videos of his work on these accounts. Hale requested mediation to make a plan with his clients to pay them back monies he received for the incomplete work without facing criminal charges. Mediation was granted for Mr Hale in 2017.  The Prosecution offered a Plea Deal requiring Hale to enter a Guilty Plea to one Felony Grand Theft charge and was ordered to pay restitution. Hale was told that once the Restitution was paid the charges would be reduced to a Misdemeanor. Hale’s Defense submitted an Alford Plea since he was not agreeing with the Felony Charge. Hale began making the Restitution payments in February of 2018 and has continued to make payments every month since then up to this date.  Part of the agreement was for the Clients to receive payments of the Restitution monies immediately from the Court once Hale began making the payments.  Records show Customers did not begin to receive any Restitution payments until 2019, leading to additional frustration for the Clients. Hale struggled to pay the full amount required each month but due to a felony on his record, it was difficult to increase his income as well as trying to reset his life after having lost his home, business, reputation and being slandered by local Press during the last three years. 

Anton Hale claims after such difficulties over the years of his case, his life and business are getting back on track. His financial situation is improving, and he is committed to paying Restitution until it is paid in full. During the progress of Restitution payments being paid by Hale, the Prosecution reviewed the payment history and decided to move forward with sentencing which is scheduled for September 30, 2019. 

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Anton Hale stated, “I am fully committed to making a right of this circumstance and maintaining my innocence.  I am not a criminal and I do not have a criminal history. This has been a very difficult situation for all parties involved. I offer my sincere apologies to all of my former clients involved in this case.”

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