Murda V The Don is Creating Ripples with his New Video ‘Killing Them Hoes’ Ripping through Charts

Murda V Tha Don

Strut down the road and swank with ‘Killing Them Hoes’ by Murda V Tha Don. This music video in the genre of hip hop is making everybody sway and swagger.

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Atlanta, Aug 13, 2019 ( – Murda V Tha Don is a magnificent young male singer in the genre of hip hop music. He hails from the beautiful city of Atlanta Ga from where the pursuit to become a singer began. He has come up with his new song ‘Killing Them Hoes‘ which is creating quite a frenzy among the new generations. He is not only into singing but also has his own production house named Mob Muzik Entertainment. Like every other true artist, he is very confident about his artistry and considers himself a boss in the musical arena of hip hop. He is very much influenced by music from the West coast. According to him, his music has both a classical feel as well as an element of funk that is attached to it. You can connect with the singer through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To view and listen to his music videos and tracks, you can plug into youtube.

Murda V Tha Don has killed it with his performance in the music video ‘Killing Them Hoes‘. There is a cool, classical approach to his song. The track has got an element of funk which is soft. This funk instills confidence in the song. The rap flow is a quite intense right from the start of the track making the music video shines brilliantly. The track is set in a backdrop of heavy electronic that sets the pace of the song making it quite intense. There is an upbeat bounce in the song that is soaked in jazz. The release of the song is insane which has been impressively crafted with an element of fusion.

The song in the music video ‘Killing Them Hoes‘ by the brilliant hip hop singer Murda V Tha Don is very much addictive. The video for the song has been incredibly done and well-executed. There is a spark in the song which produces an intense vibe. The moments created in the track are pretty contemporary with the high voltage energy that is generated. The track haunts in the mind of the listener way after the song is over. The resonance of the track is still carried in the mind of the audience. The soulful vibes and the emotions of the track have properly built the layers of the soundscape. The lyric of the song meanders along with the vocals.

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