YOG JP successfully captivates the audience with his well-produced music video ‘RICKY’

Music Artist  YOG JP

YOG JP’s music video ‘RICKY’ drives a superbly written song with an interesting melody line that will surely convince the listener to groove to its beat.

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Philadelphia, Aug 13, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – YOG JP keeps things smooth and quirky in his latest music video that sets a certain standard for other artists. The artists daring rap style is notable and comes off very well without ever succumbing to excessive verbiage. The light electronic touch opening the track has a commercial pop edge that quickly approaches to grandeur with the artist taking charge with his master class vocals. Driving with sweeping instrumental melodies, electronic bass, and an equally entrancing voice, the music track is a superbly choreographed song that widely hooks the audience with its op-inspired melodies. The rapper performs throughout the track in a way that provokes the listener to step up and groove to his musicality. The anthem-like hook impresses all with its entertaining verses.

‘RICKY‘ under the label YOG JP Entertainment provides a wealth of musicality and the artist makes his presence felt throughout the song. His contribution to the track pays off dramatically by highlighting his lyrical delivery. The spotlight is focused on him for all the good reasons as he brings a soul to the track. YOG JP‘s artistic approach completely shines throughout the soundscape uplifting his potential from various angles. The continuous play of electronic drum beats builds the track as an exquisite piece and unfolding of the performance enhances its durability for listeners. This is a track you can return to over and over again.

Hailing from Philadelphia PA, the hardcore rapper is a versatile composer who presents his compositions with a magical touch of musicality and matches up well with his voice. He has a lot to offer to his listeners and boasts things up to make the view entertaining for anyone who enjoys groovy music. The video is a stand-out and is a mixture of all good things- musically entrancing, lyrically captivating and engaging performance. The funk soaked level of the artist’s style speaks volumes as he performs with confidence and unwavering passion. The short track effectively roots its presence in the music world for its blissfully refreshing approach. Watch the track on YouTube and follow YOG JP on Instagram for enjoying his future posts.

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