“Your conviction will take you top” Lyricist A.M.Turaz

Mumbai, Aug 20, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Bollywood Screenwriters Association has organized the Vartalaap with lyricist A. M. Turaz at Andheri Mumbai, featuring with media students, new and established writers & poets from across the country.

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A.M.Turaz is an Indian poet, lyricist, and scriptwriter, his films including Bajirao Mastani, Guzzarish, Padmavat being the most well-known. His work has been appreciated with awards like Radio Mirchi Award 2015, Radio Mirchi Award 2017 and many more.

The Screenwriters Association member Prof. Prakash Bhosale has shared a summary of Vartalap which will help new upcoming writers & media students.

Question: – How you started your journey as a writer?

I born in the year 1981 at Sambhaleheda village Muzaffarnagar UP. After studies, I came to Mumbai at the age of 19 to turn into an author, started writing scripts as an assistant writer, my first lyrics writing for film “Kudiyon ka hai Zamana” in 2006.

Question: – How new writer reach film producer?

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New writer generation is lucky that you have social media, organizations like SWA, Many contests, Scholarships, Scrip writing companies are available, If you have a diamond within you then you are bound to spark.

Question: – Why to learn more vocabulary?

 To be a good writer, first you need to a good reader, So when you read good screenplays, examine the dialogue, does it show who a person it at their essence, and how? that why Manner of Speech, Words, and vocabulary, Rhythm of talking are very important factors for writers and what the sum total of these elements convey, which is appearing, not advising which is the way to powerful content composition.

Question: – How to sustain in the commercialized environment?

There are several factors for the fee of a Scriptwriter. If you are new, the producer will start with low fees, until you come up with a smashing hit. There are no standard rates for any activity in the Film industry. If you are a successful/proven scriptwriter, you can manifold the fees. Producers will fall in line to book you. Salim-Javed could manifold their fees only after a series of Hits. This carrier growth is like a manifold.

Question: – How to get the attention of film production?

Get noticed. This is not an easy thing to do, but there are several ways to do it. First, you can submit your script to a number of different contests and film festivals. These offer not only money and recognition, but also industry access, which means landing you meetings with producers or agencies. If your scripts do not test well in a competition, make a narrative feature film or a short film and submit that. This will show producers that you are dedicated and can act as a resume, getting you projects.

Question: – What are the new opportunities because of the era of digital entertainment?

Plenty of big star cast Bollywood films and television shows you watch are made on bad scripts that disappoint you. Right? The reason is lack of good scripts and writers. Most of Bollywood films and television shows are facing this crisis for decades. But now things are changing rapidly because of digital media. Short films, web series and vines have gained huge market with their unique ideas and writing style.

Question: – How new young generation pursue a carrier in writing?

Becoming a better writer is not a destination. It’s a journey. There isn’t a single route to becoming a writer, which is one of the major benefits of the profession. Yet, two-thirds of writers are self-employed freelancers and the information below outlines example steps someone can take to become a writer. students can first do MBA in media, adverting, branding, mass communication & get to join in media Industry along with they can pursue writing carrier would be a safe way.

Question: – Is content makers will have a good day in the near future?

Now media & entertainment industry is expanding like anything, new opportunities in Hindi Films, web series, voice dub movies, ad films, documentaries, social media, personality branding, Public relations, brand building, corporate content are exponential in industry. Good writers will have always demand as the content is becoming king.

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