Jeffery Leving Secures Court Victory, Stops Ex-wife from Taking Dad’s Little Girl

Chicago, Aug 20, 2019 ( – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving will explain how he obtained residential custody for dad after his ex-wife tried to take his little girl away from him, on the Dads Rights Legal Hour, Saturday, August 24 on Power 92.3 FM and at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

Before retaining Leving, a divorced Chicago dad was very involved in his daughter’s life. He chose to live close to his daughter and ex-wife, who had residential custody of the little girl so that he could actively participate in his little girl’s school and extracurricular activities. He was shocked when, according to Court records, his ex-wife recently told him that she was moving away with his little girl, pulling his daughter out of her school and neighborhood and away from her dad.

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This distraught dad thought he was powerless and had no way to stop his ex from taking his daughter. But he turned to Dads Rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving for help, and he got it. Leving quickly put together his legal team.

The Leving legal team immediately filed a Petition to prevent the ex-wife from uprooting dad’s daughter. Leving argued to the Judge that pulling this little girl away from her dad, extended family, friends, and community would be harmful to the child. The Judge agreed; Leving won. The Court awarded dad residential custody and ordered that the little girl will stay in her school.

Because of Leving’s work, dad’s daughter will continue to live in the only neighborhood she has ever known and stay in her school, surrounded by her friends and extended family. Most importantly, she is living with her dad in the nurturing and stable home that he has created.

In Leving’s book Fathers’ Rights (Basic Books), which has been translated into Spanish and Chinese, he discussed that the obstacles of gender bias, judicial inconsistency, and public apathy separating fathers and their children may seem insurmountable – but they are not. Twenty or thirty years ago, fathers routinely walked away from custody disputes because they felt they could not win. Since then, thousands of men have stayed the course and built new lives for themselves and their children.

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