Trapboss064 Makes a Strong Statement with New Track ‘Victim’


Trapboss064 in his new track ‘Victim’ depicts the bad side of the society in an enchanting manner. The track is entertaining and inspiring and has a strong impact.

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Chicago, Aug 21, 2019 ( – In different generations, music has been used as an effective tool by many artists to depict the actual picture of the society and also inspire people for change. The magical impression that music leaves behind has the ability to influence people. And, this task has been successfully executed by the talented artist Trapboss064 in his track ‘Victim’. In this track, he has successfully portrayed the actual picture of a part of the society that still believes in racial discrimination and tends to renounce others of the basic facilities. This striking concept has been perfectly supported by the artist’s amazing vocal performance and the amazing backdrop of the track.

Through this track, the artist refuses to be a victim of the mindset of those people who try to create discrimination and also urges others to not be a victim of the same. The flow of the track ‘Victim’ perfectly keeps in line with the track’s underlying sentiments. The thoughtful writing grows with the help of honest vocal, heartfelt soundscape, and magnetic energy. The elements work hard to craft the structure and hold tight to your attention. The instrumentation is great and calms you down in contrast with the fight expressed by the concept. The superb production sweeps away the audience in a pleasant way.

There is a presence of charm in the artist and his sound that adds quality to the track. The calm yet intense vocal delivery of Trapboss064 gives character to the track and also a level of authenticity and appeal about the entire track. The track hits with a strong impact due to its musical output. And, the stylish voice gets stuck to your mind and becomes easily recognizable. Tune in to the music streaming site Spotify to listen to more of his tracks. Find and follow him on Facebook ,  Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates.

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