MellyBaggz has Constructed Tracks that Certainly Got Off on the Right Foot with Flawless Composition


MellyBaggz is a versatile artist whose tracks ‘New York N*gga’ and ‘Comin’ Thru’ indulge in plenty of rhythms to come out as prolific soundtracks.

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Wareham, Aug 23, 2019 ( – MellyBaggz has composed tracks that have already made him seasoned as a rapper. He has a full grip on his vocal strength and often changes his flow and tempo throughout the song’s rhythm. He is perhaps the best of the current lot, producing vibrant tracks with that confident voice that has successfully brought him under the spotlight. The songs run hip-hop and pop genres in extreme and his entrancing appeal seems undeniably captivating.

The tracks ‘New York N*gga’ and ‘Comin’ Thru’ under his label, TOOMUCHCLOUT pulls off with the heavy flow of instrumentals as the artist raps with full energy and unbeatable enthusiasm. He is gifted with a charming voice that reasonably sets him apart. The tracks have got plenty of catchy lines and have a groove that certainly uplifts the mood.

Born in New York, MellyBaggz shifted to Florida to flourish in his music career and focuses on creating sounds that will help him to secure the future of his children. The songs are motivated by real-life situations and the lyrics stand tall for its proof. His immense capability to deliver happiness through his music in tough times greatly influences the audience. The talented rapper draws inspiration from Young Dolph to craft his musicality because both of them create music that is highly relatable to the audience. Listen to his tracks on Spotify and follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram for catching up with more updates.


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