Tune to the Quintessential Music Pieces by Trending Spotify Artist Young Mog


If you want to soak your soul in unconditional emotions you must listen to the music pieces by the rising star Young Mog on Spotify. He is all set with two new tracks.

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Suffolk, Aug 23, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – If you ask what the key elements of any music are apiece, the open answer will be lyrics, music score and singing style (if it is not an instrumental). With new concepts coming in trend, it is becoming way difficult for composers to balance all these elements perfectly. If the lyrics of a track are captivating, the music score is medium or the singer is not able to do justice with the music score. In contrary, the rising star, or better to be regarded as the next generation artist Young Mog is one of the very rare list of artist who is capturing a strong position in music lovers’ hearts with his beautiful voice, enchanting lyrics and melodious music scores. After the track ‘Knowing Him’ attained brilliant position in Spotify, it is time for another two singles titled ‘Dadada’ and “It’s Not Yours” now streaming on Spotify.

Young Mog is specially regarded for his innovative skills in composing gospel, hip hop and R&B genres. However, what sets him apart from every artist in the music scene is his own way to recreate each of these genres. The single ‘It’s Not Yours’ is one such track that is carefully blended by choosing the intricate components of R&B genre and also there’s a subtle touch of gospel influenced  music score. While the track ‘Dadada’ is a quintessential track with unparallel singing style and surreal soundscape. Young Mog has once again proved that he is one exemplary artist who perfectly fits in this competitive music arena. Follow Young Mog on Facebook and Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

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Its Not Yours

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