Switchboard in a Box Explains the Benefits of Using Variable Frequency Drives

Pioneering power and automation systems provider explains the advantages of using variable frequency drives.

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Toowoomba, Aug 27, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Switchboard in a Box, a leading power and automation solutions provider shared multitudinous benefits of using VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) earlier this week. Team Switchboard in a Box said that the main purpose of using variable frequency drive is to precise speed control which allows ramping up and down motor speeds. Besides, the connected load can also be maintained at the needed speeds. The benefits as explained by the team are as under:

1. Decreased Power Line Disturbances
Some electronic and electrical items are extremely voltage-sensitive. This includes computers, contractors and proximity switches. Using a variable frequency motor drive helps eliminate any voltage sag as the motor starts at zero voltage and then ramps up.

2. Controlled Acceleration
An AC motor starting “across-the-line” triggers mechanical shock which loads not only the motor but the connected load as well. With the passage of time, this adds to the wear and tear of the connected load as well as of the AC motor. By having a good variable frequency drive in place, motor overload can be managed seamlessly and smoothly.

3. Adjustable Torque Limit
By using a variable frequency motor drive, you can protect your machinery from potential damages. Since the amount of torque applied can be controlled nicely and accurately, the process/product does not get damaged. The team gave an example of a conveyor jam. They said that with just an AC motor connected; the motor will continuously attempt to rotate until the motor overload device opens. This happens because of excessive current drawn due to heavy load. Since a variable frequency drive limits the amount of torque, the AC motor never exceeds the predefined limit.

Team Switchboard in a Box also added that using a variable frequency drive/adjustable frequency drive eradicates the need for using costly mechanical drive components such as gearboxes.

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