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Panelists Katharina Malikah Haley and Tina at Blogger and the Brand Womens 2018

Ombre Digital will host the 5th annual Blogger and the Brand at the Lispenard Loft. The event focuses on fostering new collaborative opportunities by creating an intimate networking environment for over 200 bloggers and local designers during NYFW.

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New York City, Sep 2, 2019 ( – For the fifth year running, our team at Ombre Digital will be hosting Blogger and the Brand, one of the largest invite-only influencer events during New York Fashion Week dedicated to its namesake. Blogger and the Brand brings local brands and content creators (we used to call them bloggers) in a single location for a few hours. The goal? Learn more about how these content creators can continue to work with and amplify brands through their social channels, whether they have one thousand combined followers or a million.

There’s no question that influencer marketing has come a long way in the past half-decade. What was once a purely numerical industry has given way to a more thoughtful and conscious approach to authentic personal communication. The reduced emphasis on follower counts has led to the recognition of micro and nano-influencers, whom many believe are more valuable than celebrity endorsements.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, fewer advertisers are using macro-influencers with large followings (44%) as compared to influencers with between 25,001 to 100,000 followers (66%) or 50 to 25,000 followers (59%).

In an interview with Retail TouchPoints, Jonathan Chanti, SVP of Sales at InfluencerDB stated that “It still feels like an organic collaboration, because if I’m working with someone with 6,000 to 10,000 followers, they’re predominantly real and legitimate, with very low likelihood that there’s fraud there.”

This evolution has been nothing sort of magical, as it’s allowed women and creative entrepreneurs such as Andrea and Pamela to connect with brands in ways they couldn’t have a decade ago. To this Blogger and the Brand alumni, events like ours continue to provide opportunities for and reinforce a positive narrative surrounding content creators.

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As the focus has shifted from follower count to engagement to content quality and variety, so too have the perception and confidence in what these content creators can provide. This confidence is echoed in the continued support of brands like Rise Brewing Co, LOV Cosmetics, When Beauty and GT’s Living Foods in a long line of sponsors that have continued to find ways to “collaborate” with influencers in marketing their respective firms.

In fact, our sponsor, LOV Cosmetics launched in the US with macro-influencers like Marianna Hewitt, Raye Boyce, Maria Allen, and XanderVintage, but have since partnered with a number of micro-influencers such as Samia Taika (Frenchonista in Amsterdam) and Sarah Eichhorn (JosieLoves) to help promote the brand.

This sentiment can be found in brands, from the recently started all the way to publicly traded. For example, Revolve used the word “influencer” over two hundred times in their IPO filing documents. However, as with any industry, such growth oftentimes leads to a shady underbelly. Fraud, particularly in the form of fake followers or purchased likes, automated actions to increase followers and “forced” engagement through comment pods and other community enforced behaviors run rampant.

A whole network of anti-fraud solutions, such as Hype Auditor, Fohr Card and soon our own BlogLift tool seeks to address the industry’s less glamorous side. However, with continued grassroots efforts to build genuine relationships, lessened reliance on follower counts and more support for content creators, the future of influencer marketing remain bright indeed. Just ask one of the over 600 attendees of Blogger and the Brand Women’s NYFW events, who have worked with brands such as H&M, Unilever, Nike, Target and Amazon just to name a few.

We hope you join us at the next Blogger and the Brand, on September 9, 2019 during fashion week as we collectively work towards a sustainable future for influencer marketing. You can learn more about this year’s amazing sponsors below.


Ombre Digital is a modern marketing agency, built to cater to fashion brands growing digital needs as retailers, publishers, and connoisseurs of cool. We provide a variety of experiential, digital and social-based marketing services for smaller lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands.

NYC-based and Nationally recognized RISE Brewing Co — we brew nitro cold brew coffee kegs and cans for offices, bars/restaurants and cafes throughout the USA. Our coffee is organic and non-GMO with no dairy, additives or calories. Think a super light, refreshing stout beer meets iced coffee with a frothy head. Website – 

LOV Cosmetics provides a range of high quality affordable animal-cruetly free makeup for the discerning woman. At L.O.V, their motto is to only create products that they love and use themselves, and would also recommend to friends. What’s not to L.O.V? Instagram – 

Family owned and operated GT’s Living Foods was founded in 1995 by GT Dave and has since expanded beyond Kombucha to include ALIVE, CocoYo, CocoKefir, and VeggieKefir. With a commitment to the integrity of the ingredients, as well as the process, GT’s Living Foods crafts products with living probiotics that are raw, organic, vegan, and gluten-free to help people to live happier healthier lives. Website – 

When® was created by Jin Han Lee, a Korean healthcare specialist that sought to bring more high-quality skincare treatments from dermatologist clinics and spas to the busy lives of everyday women, resulting in a line of natural, nutrient-rich and nourishing sheet masks. Website –   

Hero Cosmetics is an innovative skincare company fighting an age-old problem. Our philosophy is to bring our customers new, effective skincare tools that are made for the consumer of today. Our approach is simple– focus on quality and create honest products for real people. It’s really a reflection of how we want to live our lives. Instagram – 


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