Rap Genius TRXSTXN Needs Special Attention for His Official Release ‘Ninja 101’ Streaming on YouTube


Broward, Sep 9, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – While there’s a story behind every rapper’s stardom, the Jamaican-born and US-raised rapper TRXSTXN also has an inspiring life story that has reflected in his extraordinary music pieces. This young and fiercely talented artist is at the verge of attaining the success and respect he has craved throughout his life. Hailing from a family with humble income, the life of this young man has not been easy. He has been a wanderer with the vision to take care of all his family and to inspire those around him.

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TRXSTXN is now a reputed name that never gets ignored when there’s a discussion in the thriving music scene of Toronto. He has been featured by numerous local radio stations, has an attractive social media presence and has recently come up with a highly anticipated music video titled ‘Ninja 101’ from his upcoming project titled ‘TRXSTXN’s World’.

The music video ‘Ninja 101’ is shot by JayWolf productions and is something that will make viewers realize about self-worth. The cinematography of the track is excellent and the locations chosen are perfectly matched with the theme of the single. Right at the beginning, the creative artist reminds his listeners about ‘Health is Wealth’. Throughout the video, TRXSTXN is seen in form, narrating effortlessly the story of his hard-knock life and how he has moved forward despite the environment he grew up around. TRXSTXN strongly mentions  ”LONGLIVEPOKA” which represents a movement tributed to his fallen brother who had passed away. TRXSTXN wants his fans to stay motivated and to push through all their struggles without giving up.

When it comes to his personality, TRXSTXN has the perfect stage presence and the right attitude that is essential to become a rap icon. His rare voice texture and his creative rhyming style set him apart from other artists. TRXSTXN is working on many new projects that will soon be available on Youtube and other music platforms. Watch the official music video of ‘Ninja 101’ on Youtube at 


Also, follow him at Instagram, Facebook. Visit his Spotify and SoundCloud profile to keep a track on his new projects. For business inquiries and bookings email:[email protected]

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trxstxnsworld

Twitter: https://twitter.com/longlivepoka

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialtrxstxn/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/36iLozTgFJm7rBvo5pdp4i

Itunes: *****@gmail.com



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